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Monday, 20 January 2014

Behind Every Politician.

There Is A Mountain Of Corruption.

Feeling hot under the collar, Ed?

In yet another example of very iffy dealings our pathetic and venal political class continue their blatant associations without a care in the world. This prime example of a very unpleasant, smug and grotesque character is but a common portrayal. One of the manner in which we are forced to play unwitting accomplices in the tax payer funded circus of clowns in Westminster.

Two of his late mates, Bliar and Snot Picker Brown are now cruising the Planet on their varied gravy trains. One a full on very rich multi millionaire the other just an ordinary, unpopular and glum imitator of the former but still paid handsomely for his novelty value.

Naturally they are not alone in cashing in on their dubious contact lists built whilst in Government or Westminster. Some have inherited but you will note how Hague's networking has paid off. So ludicrous individuals enjoy a career(s) of significant fortune whilst leaving the rest of us to mull over the mess we are condemned to wallow in. There was a time when politics was inhabited by people with experience and knowledge. That time is long since gone, in the main.

There is a glimmer of hope in the Testicles matter, however. Testicles The Smug might well find his collar felt, if proper due diligence into the Coop Bank is achievable. Indeed not just Cojones but many Trade Union and other Labour Party figures may well be shown up for their venality. For sure there's plenty of mountainous terrain where they're concerned.

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