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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Banging An Ancient Drum!

Milibad The Moribund.

This cretinous piece of muck on your shoe thankfully was never in power. His track record is innocent of any input on mass immigration, EUSSR sycophancy or trades Union subservience. Nor is he responsible for any of the farcical energy and global warming levies and tax on life itself.

Nope, Ed The Bad is a new, effervescent and wholly refreshing dose of absolute reality. For this new kid on the block, cheap labour is for those Chinks and Asians, Indian peasants buried under rubble on a frequent basis and so forth. 

In this booming economy, so well served by years, nay decades of pure economic brilliance, by socialist management of a quite breathtaking and stupendous legacy, our little boy can strut his stuff in the knowledge all will fall at his feet in worship and wonder as he promises to turn water into wine. After all his Union paymasters enjoy only the best in luxury and high wages. He's a millionaire kid from the slums of somewhere so who better to drive the other 30 million plus workers to the high ground of similar life style and excellence.

I guess his plan is to ensure everybody is rich and only imported labour is to be permitted to slave on a "living wage". Such brilliance, already tried of course. Its success is to be marveled at throughout the EUSSR. Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, all still boasting mega wealthy eurocrats, Union bosses and bankers reveling in the handouts and wealth to be had, cheap labour? 


  1. Rightie, you've been and gorn and done it again.

    I WAS having a good day (been a good year so far having avoided politicians), grandaughter is here causing the usual mayhem, but it keeps SWMBO pleasantly occupied so there i am having a peruse round me favourite, non political sites, and taking it generally easy till i'm back on shift tomorrow.

    Now, thanks to you, cheers mate, i was daft enough on click on that took me to the state broadcaster's online propaganda dept, where i was treated to the ''tell them what they want to hear'' bullshine of another sod that's never done a real days work in his privelidged existence, yet somehow is going to wave a magic wand and undo the results of his heroes, commissars'
    Blair and Meddlesome's, worst days.

    Thanks a bundle mate, i now have the raging 'ump.

    There are not enough words in the unprintable dictionary of workplace cursing to satisfactorily express my loathing for this cretin and all his kind.

    My dear old late mum would have said, in her best Irish lilt, that he needs a bloody good kick up in the arse, but that goes for most of those who infest the houses of ill repute.

    That useless twerp might even be our prime minister in 2015 if the sheep follow their brainwashing.

    i'm not going to drink
    i'm not going to drink
    i'm not going to drink

    Kind Regards

    from a previously reasonably cheerful


  2. My deepest commiserations, Judd!

  3. Miliband is a Marxist. He has never done a day’s “real” work in his life, yet is also a millionaire. Why can so few people see this utter contradiction?

    Radical Rodent

  4. "Why can so few people see this utter contradiction?"
    Something in the water or zilch in the classroom, RR.