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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Giggle And A Shock.

Teflon Can Wear Out!

Amusing in essence. I for one applaud the audacious initiative of the barman. Unfortunately this piece of an excuse for a human being is every bit as nauseating as those torturing and grotesque animals from the Middle East, as reported today.

Unfortunately neither side in this civil war come out with any decency or morality. Each reported atrocity creating tit for tat, juvenile and barbaric retaliation. However if those in the West consider themselves above all that, what might once have been the case, is more doubtful today.

I write that not least based on how Bliar is happy to prostitute himself to any despot with plenty of blood money to share. Ironic how Iraq is now in the grip of sectarian bombings and massacres with Libya not far behind. As far as global conflict is concerned, our Tone is every bit as much a Jonah as his old mate Gordo!

This modern day propensity to spawn inadequate and incompetent cretins shows little sign of abating. More's the pity. After all Teflon Tone is supposedly a special envoy for the Middle East. Nevertheless he does need massive security protection, which in itself indicates a nervous and edgy life style. So sad to see the man suffer in the lap of extreme wealth and luxury, isn't it!

Mind you he may have heavy competition from Obummer ere long. Now that would be some double act, by a pair of double dealing graspers.

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  1. The Mark of Cain is upon him. He'll get his just rewards soon enough. And of course, living with slot-gob is a well-deserved cross to bear!