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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A Big Chill For Autumn 2014!

Fear Should Enter English Hearts.

Note Godfrey Bloom's attack on this creature left.

If ever a personality should rear its ugly head in Europe and place the reality of German dominance of a Federal European Master over the whole pf the Continent it is this one. Firstly, from this scary link comes these words, “Mr Schulz has such a strategy, a federalist strategy”. Sure a reminder of the full title of The German nation, officially the Federal Republic of Germany”, should not go unremarked.

The Federal Republic Of Europe will, eventually be absorbed into that of Germany, given half a chance. ironic that those to become unwitting citizens of the German Republic also get to pay handsomely for the privilege. Or should that be enslavement. 

What a perfect development for a man such as Schultz. Can you not see him outside Buck House
 resplendent in a Presidential/Kaiser/ Nazi regalia. A cap emblazoned with red, black and yellow badge, topped with a blue cover and gold stars? 

As a taster of his EUSSR Presidency we only need to witness his arrogance in his present role, as a trainee for higher things, as Chairman of The European Parliament. Another Parliament so dominated by that terrifying ideology that is socialism. Milibad and Labour are but infants when compared to this guy.

 Since they, the two Thick Eds, so roundly and utterly left Snot Brown's scorched earth policy behind them in 2010, you can realise what Schulz will have in store for us all. "Arbeit macht frei" will no doubt be heard once more. What a lovely idea. That is unless our Islamic immigrant hordes decide he's too close to their ancient tribal enemies! Either way its all very, very frightening.

Remind me who else gives them such a hard time in Brussels? Camoron? Milibad? Cleggy? Thought not.

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