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Sunday, 19 January 2014

21st Century Tragedy.

Anguish Is A Private Affair, Surely?

Yesterday this young mother's picture was paraded across the media to garner sales of newspapers and TV advertising revenue interrupted by occasional news snippets from Sky news. A degree of caution was exercised by the BBC, since "multi-cultural" sensitivity and a young child were in the equation.

The Daily Fail, yesterday was already beginning to trail the young and attractive mother's anguish and pain. Always a good selling point and a potential celebrity martyr opportunity. When the news broke of the poor little mite's remains discovered dumped in a wooded disposal site, a significant intake of breath must have been taken across the whole of media land.

Five children by two fathers, one reputedly with drug and gangster connections. Now sadly this is a common status for many women of today, especially if attractive and sought after as "trophy eye candy" for those of a misogynistic bent.

All that to one side, this further but unfortunately ever increasing, tragic death, of a young child, is also no longer confined to a grieving family or the local area. Every day people die and leave loved ones bereft and in grief. Most, unless some media angle might be purchased for unsavoury publicity, go unremarked. Those losses remain private and mourned with dignity and an understanding that it's part of our existence and our mortality.

I find the frenzy that the terrible cases which get the spotlight, of attention for gain, shone on them, enormously sad and somehow demeaning. Our society has been engineered to regard all our actions as available for use by Government or the machine of publicity. 

The constant increase in population brings with it the inevitable increase in behaviour and experiences trawled for profit and mawkish attention seeking. A memorial service was held today for the little boy in Kircaldy. How quick was that and why? All I know is that this will be discovered to be a further awful death firmly caused by the massive decline in morality and the destruction of our Christian values, which once, warts and all, kept some semblance of balance and sense to it our Country.

Unfortunately those values got in the way of political and corporate needs to control and encourage consumerism, celebrity and greed. We shall see and suffer many more of these "collateral damage" deaths and cruelty, in a society for which child welfare and decent parenting are no longer prevalent. As for the social services and their agenda for laziness and internal office politicking, don't hold your breath.

It really is a mess created by the ignorant hubris of all politicians who would social engineer. 90 per cent of them socialists. A shame on them all. We must grieve not only for the ever increasing list of victims but for that which we have so carelessly tossed away, via the ballot box and the paucity of decency in our political classes. God rest the poor little boy's young soul.


  1. Remind me, who is the MP for Kirkcaldy?

  2. A powerful post that Rightie.

    I too mourn the loss of the basic decent Christian moral way of life we had, and not so long ago either.

    It wasn't perfect by a long chalk, but a lot better than the uncaring nasty taking/grabbing dog eat dog world that has replaced it.

    I remember as a child that the beating in their own home of an old frail person almost brought the country to a standstill (and God help the swine when caught)...and as for children being taken brutalised or murdered, recall the seething hatred the nation felt for the Hindley/Brady scum.

    Now true evil seems almost normal somehow, what the hell went wrong.