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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Two Thousand Up.

Probably Made Eff All Difference.

I begin my 2000th post and wanted to consider why I do it virtually every day. In addition I wanted to briefly consider the subject matter and observations made over the time since my first offering on the 13th of January, 2009. Initially my motivation was to try and assuage my own angry frustration at the crass stupidity of the Labour Government, their hypocrisy and their legacy war mongering.

As this anger began to become Nationwide and even the sheeples realise that something was rather nasty, deceitful and dangerous about socialists in general, we had a change of Government. That, in essence, the British people could not choose between any of the fictional manifesto blurb from the three sadly dominant parties, no overall result or majority was forthcoming. Other than, that is, Labour did get a deserved, almighty kicking.

Unfortunately we ended up with a second successive Prime Minister who did not have a mandate for the job. Inevitably he was a lame duck from the moment he entered Number 10. As was the one eyed maniac who preceded him. So I began to observe a continuation of all that was so wrong about Labour. Thus I retained a need to blog, in order to vent my feelings.

A public relations exercise was to continue apace, to gloss over the ongoing dreadful policies and wars bequeathed a somewhat unholy Cobbleition. Once more we were to be lumbered with a drag anchor of turncoat socialists such as Cable, career EUSSR lackeys in the form of Clegg the Boring and Predictable. Plus the Ginger Minger, Alexander mouthing off about our loathing of his beloved EUSSR. 

It does appear that the economic, disastrous financial ruination that follows every Labour Government has yet again been marginally improved but other than that suspect turnaround, little has changed. So of all the weighty matters of existence, I look back and realise so little power resides in the majority and a huge amount in a very small number of others.

That minority comprises those made rich by strife and corruption.  In the same image of nastiness, a second profiteer. Albeit only two mentioned there are many others. Men and women waist deep in the blood of innocents and the troops they condemn to fight their evil and grasping corners of greed. Less dreadfully guilty but still a follower in their footsteps, claimed just two days ago, mission accomplished. By all accounts a lovely guy but so out of his depth and lacking in any meaningful gravitas.

As I move towards this 2000th post's close, fittingly on a Christmas Eve, I have to wonder at the way in which so much has got worse since 2009. The UK is cracking under the colossal demands of unfettered mass immigration, still. The so called successful interventions in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and many other places we stick our unwanted oar in, are still full of the images captured above. Syria continues to writhe in agony, covertly stoked by the weakness of Obama and the West's paucity of diplomacy and our leaders remain under the thrall of and in the debt to, Mafia controlled banking cartels.

It is all so depressing. Not least when the socialists are as heavily, or more so, linked to all of the aforementioned corrupt activities and happenings. Yet in amongst all of this mayhem there remains the glorious fact that small is beautiful. Millions of us can be concerned about all of the corruption and evil, the propaganda machines bent to the will of imaginary climate change fears and the "guilt industry" ever more dominant at this time of year.

Nevertheless our concern and our own lives remain ours to determine. We can choose to marvel at starlit night skies, sunsets and sunrises, friends and family. Beautiful scenery, animals and birds are all ours to enjoy, in our own small way. As for tomorrow, Christmas Day, strip out the hijacked consumerism which dominates the corporate need to gorge on excess and profits never large enough and remember the deeper human sacrifices made by ordinary people.

Those volunteering to help others or just those parents and families able to stay together and lead by example. The innocence of small children and their simple, wide eyed pleasure at what can be a magical world of lights and joy in just being a live. We so often dwell on those less fortunate and abandoned but we should also savour the goodness which is always present, too. It just doesn't seem to sell as well for the media and the chatterati as the "woe is us we're all doomed" news is believed to produce readers and viewers.

To all those deserving and I doubt that includes many politicians, have a very happy and memorable, for the right reasons, Christmas day.


  1. OR,

    Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.

    it is a pleasure to swing by and get your thoughts on various subjects and they often dovetail with mine.

    Have a great Christmas and a very happy New Year!

    Yer old mate,


  2. Every day, if we look for it (and we don't have to look very hard), we will see someone perform some small act of kindness. And I heard a song thrush this morning ... although what he had to sing about after the storm he had just slept through is a wonder to me. These are what I look for these days.

    I refuse to let the cretins get me down, OR. I suspect that the same goes for you.

    So, as the good Cap'n said, keep doing what you're doing. Ta ever so :-)

    May your Christmas be a peaceful one.

  3. I echo CR's comments, have a good Christmas etc...

  4. Congrats on the 2000th - you're about 700 ahead of me but I am building towards my 1,000,000th hit in 2014.

    I wonder sometimes how we all keep going with this blogging thing...

    Have a great Christmas

  5. Generous and kind comments from people whose work and efforts I admire beyond words. Very many thanks and have a great Christmas Day.

  6. Sorry the comment is late, PC crashed and i'm on borrowed machine.

    Thankyou indeed Rightie, i don't comment all the time, but very few if your posts do i miss.

    Not just yours either, and i pass my thanks to all the other bloggers out there, who whilst i may not always agree with, i'm grateful to read the non PC honest heartfelt common sense written.

    I discovered the blogs and alternative news sources several years ago, before that i really felt quite alone, you have all helped me realase i'm not actually completely barking mad, and its the system and the swine politicains who are the devils incarnate here.

    Again many thanks Rightie, and the rest of the bloggers, keep it up for all our sakes.

    Kind Regards


  7. Judd, generous to a fault. Many thanks on behalf of all of us you so kindly made tribute to.