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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Truth Of How We Are Led By Juveniles.

Puerile And In Very Bad Taste.

Two men, a captivating blonde and a commemorative service. My generation would have kept the teenage jinks confined to the school playground. Both men can give speeches, both are weak and immature as politicians. I have it on good authority Camoron is a fine companion and decent fellow, in private. As a Prime Minister he's as out of his depth as Snotty was and Milibad will be. 

We really don't have people in power we can respect anymore. Career politicians without a jot of real world empathy or leadership. The behaviour above is solid evidence, if we needed it, of all that is wrong with our declining social and political existence in the West. Mrs Obama gained much, however, from her disapproval and dignity. Michelle for President instead of Hilary? Ditch the hubby, Madame and you just might do it!


  1. Nice one Rightie.

    Old Chukka is a real charmer isn't he ? Really 'cums over' to the masses like the tool he is.

  2. That would be a lead story on the BBC if had been a retired UKIP Councillor that had tweeted it!

  3. Thanks, both. I'm led to understand the twitter account is a parody. Does show the somewhat pathetic nature of social media at times.
    Mind you I still suggest it's close to Umuuna's character, as it is to most on the left.

  4. "Career politicians without a jot of real world empathy or leadership" or experience.

    University, political advisor, MP, PM. The only experience close to the real world was a short spell as PR Director to a PLC (how did he got that job?).

    Salaries should be cut to discourage those who are in it as a career or for the money.