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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Chinese Puzzle.

A Puzzle Without An Answer For The UK.

Looking unduly pleased with himself the unauthorised EU trade delegation leader wastes UK taxes and business credibility with what once might have been a worthwhile trip but no more. A brief glance at our impending slavery under Common Purpose will show why this extravagant sojourn is an expensive piece of hubris and little more.

My picture shows two unelected members of their local elite basking in their ability to do as they please, with little or no need to be concerned about people power or electoral mandates. Though Camoron shares a degree of that position, too, he still faces an attempt to stay at the top table with having to pursue an image which he hopes might give him some further endorsement to work as a senior member of the EUSSR elite.

Here the reality, as he promises the Chinese "cast iron" trading agreements he cannot deliver,  kicks in. His penchant for furnishing discounted travel for friends and family, to far flung trading posts, he must have hoped would go unremarked. Action hidden behind a facade of beating the drum for British interests, rather than offering those prepared to accept his tax payer largess, happily close friends and cronies.

Unfortunately for the British Regional Governor and servant of Brussels, he's seen as acting without approval and not well liked for it. As he appeases the Chinese after his once admirable stance on Tibetan independence, a volte face not to be admired, he must now stuff his tail between his legs on his next visit to The EUSSR HQ. Another round of secret meetings of appeasement! So very 1930s, is it not? 

As for this coverage it just adds to the very insignificance of The UK and presses home our perceived junior status as little more than a small EUSSR member and State. Unlike its much larger and dominant, do as they please titular and economic head of The EUSSR. Who might that possibly be?

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