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Monday, 23 December 2013

Solitary Confinement.

Some Christmas Present!

Some prison, somewhere, is to get this gurning, grinning unrepentant, piece of Labour and Trade Union cretinous but typical of its ilk, champagne socialist. What a shame a bunch of criminals, fraudsters and gangsters are to be forced to share their Christmas with such a ghastly example of all that Labour is, today. 

We can but hope that his miserable and egotistical arrogance will be tested behind bars. My one regret is he didn't get very much longer. I suppose there's an element of career concern for judges that any draconian sentences might hinder future advancements. Especially under a Labour Government. One more concerned to promote cronyism and perpetuate blatant nepotism. than look after the interests of The United Kingdom.

To add insult to injury MacShane claimed his fiddling, theft in the proper sense,  was only used to pay for visits to the EUSSR HQ. What for? To learn at the hands of his masters how to really get rich? What's not, to nick a few bob from the pathetic UK sheeple, in order to gain real knowledge at the hands of master crooks?  

Like all europhiles, the deep seated desire to sign up to this bunch of Mafioso run gangsters is to get a slice of a very large piece of other peoples' cake. Not one European hanger on is not clean as a whistle. That, sadly includes UKIP. Nevertheless I would still rather those "upstarts" were more powerful than the likes of MacShane and his Labour Party, Union bossed and funded, bunch of hypocrites. What say you?


  1. Wouldn't it be far simpler and cheaper simply to annul all accumulated pension entitlements from MPs caught with their fingers in he till?

    It would be a far more dissuasive penalty than a few weeks in one of our country-club style open prisons.