The despair Of The British nation.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

So How Was It For You


James Higham said...

Still some wine and cheese left, OR.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful here, had the family round and the lovely senior lady next door (94, sharp as a tack and still self sufficient in her own home, what a gem), a real old fashioned Christmas, one of the best.

Never caught even the background chatter of the propaganda channels, definately not the state broadcaster, so not a single swine politician's lie found its way into our home, marvellous and long may that continue.

Time to appreciate each other, warts and all.



Demetrius said...

On Wenlock Edge? Just off for a swim in the High Street.

Claire Carter said...

Hey - that is my photo.

oldrightie said...

Claire, I've emailed you accordingly, OR.