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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Mandela's Legacy.

The ANC And Jacob Zuma!

Not all that the world's media tried to sell, of today's Mandela fest, went to plan. In many respects I admired the demonstrations, by many thousands of people booing and then leaving the arena, in order to show their disgust at their new ruling elite. Sadly, in the West, we are too well controlled by the authorities to witness that which real people feel. Even to the extent of rigged opinion polls and  only hand picked audiences for political coverage. 

Anyhow, back to today. I was driving a goodish distance home, for the first time for many weeks. The wall to wall Soweto stuff was as expected but when the relentless torrential rain threatened to wash away the dignity of the erstwhile dignitaries, one sensed the opportunity for Obummer to strut his stuff was going to be less comfortable than hoped for. With Michelle looking as though she'd swallowed a wasp, as hubby did a "Tone and Wendi" on the Danish pastry, it all began looking as wet and damp as the weather.

For Obummer the reception was seemingly special but one might reasonably assume his home based appearances may get a bit more like that meted out to Zuma! Of course his oratory soared as he told us all, again, how brilliant he is, despite the mess around the world of which he has done a great deal to exacerbate, in many ways. A real "do as I say" number was that!

It was, therefore, delicious to listen to the BBC running like crazy to catch up with the unfolding scenes of drenched discontent, as we approached Jake's own hoped for statesmanlike resurrection. The band brought in to drown the boos was described as if it was all part of the "rainbow nation". Never mind Madiba's ex, Winnie's rainbow history and her joy at her necklace reputation. Regardless of her place in history as a modern version of the Nazi Gestapo, she, too, gets the holier than thou reverent, hushed tones.

I wonder if we'll ever see the day when this mantra of black is perfection sanctified, white just an irritant, as far as the lefties and their media tarts would have it? An attitude quietly embraced by many other political persuasions, where votes to be harvested are concerned. Poverty confined to all the masses is just tickety boo, guys and girls. Just make sure you are a VVVVIP, as some BBC female, child, reporter would have it.

Still, when, as today, the heavens don't play ball and people power gets an airing, the floundering surprise of the sycophantic world media gives those of us in the real world, a glimmer of hope. Ironic that the attempted hijacking of Mandela's somewhat overblown and manufactured beatification may yet backfire and the South African people show what power can really mean, when exercised by the "people". As opposed to when it's exercised by those Zuma would emulate. 


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  3. I also wish the press and politicians could see straight - your reminder of Winnie Mandela's terrorism, of how she put petrol filled tyres around people's necks and lit them is timely. Remember what she said - with our tyres and matches we will free this country. Horrible person.