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Monday, 16 December 2013

Lots Going On!

So Little On The BBC!

The BBC is today slagged off for cronyism. A euphemism for corruption and nepotism combined! Nevertheless their output remains also corrupt and selective. The festive repeats bear witness to a paucity of expenditure, where programming is concerned. A pity the largess passed around the chosen few is not better spent on those fleeced by the licence fee for the very purpose it is meant. To entertain and inform.

Still, when the likes of Fatty Pang weighs down the Chairmanship of the gravy train seating, occupied by the Governors, what can we expect. Plus his favourite friends in the EUSSR cabal. Those who dictate the obfuscation over the Ukrainian unrest, claiming wildly inaccurate propaganda a long way from the Common Purpose agenda for globalism.

That same EUSSR coverage from the Savile embracing BBC contrasts starkly with the lack of coverage for Italian protests, firmly staking claim to Nationalism! Those demonstrations barely a month after these which also received barely a mention from the BBC. Mustn't jeapardise their nice little grants from their EUSSR masters, must they.

We may also consider the BBC's constant love of all things immigrant and alien. Their reluctant coverage of grooming by Asians, for example. The barely mentioned Romanian and Bulgarian crime figures or slave gang operations. Let alone the myriad other mass increases in crime, growing with the already unsustainable population explosion. One soon to embrace yet more unabated lunacy.

As if the duplicity, smugness and endemic arrogance of these people was not enough we now have the almost uncaring and careless rigging of voting, in what was supposed to be a "family show" but which has now descended into a seedy, corrupted farce. One of their own, yet again, stomping and stumping around the floor with as much charisma as a giant and clumsy stevedore. A smug, breakfast couch potato, tipped to become another Kaplinsky but without the looks, legs or footwork!  Many might shrug and dismiss this travesty as irrelevant and candy floss for the masses.. 

I beg to differ. It typifies the depth for which manipulation and deception, in order to sell power, influence and steal other peoples' money, sinks. As with sport, politics, finance, et al, the BBC now represents all that is unpleasant and nasty in modern Britain. Woe betide any dissent. Soon such blatant criticism of despotic behaviour will get the Kim Yong Wrong-UN treatment! 

Every day which passes offers, more and more, just two unpalatable choices. In The US as well as Europe. A North Korean model of nepotism and brutal repression, or revolution. With the BBC on board the former is more likely. Still Christmas brings a little bit of cheer. Spiritual or from spirits, I guess! 


  1. From the way the BBC behave it is obvious they have far too much money so I suggest their licence fee is halved and then reduced every year until they meet their side of the contract.

  2. Put Alan Sugar in charge of the BBC!