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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Is The UK To Be No More?

Fascinating If England Becomes, Well, England.

Since much of the Planet seems hell bent on tribal conflict, Iraq and The Middle East leading the way, I guess returning to such ancient ways might well be the fashionable way to go for The UK. Naturally any initial euphoria would dissipate, post a "yes" vote in the September Scottish referendum, as realism and poverty overtake a Nation suddenly denied the support of its larger neighbour. 

Always assuming the English aren't expected to continue paying through the nose. Today's Sunday Times leads with an apparent panic, no change there, in Tory circles, over a possible yes vote. Yet if such an outcome rids we English of the nightmare that is Labour and socialism, what's not to like?

I still doubt the Scots will vote yes but if they do, what sport. The Scots then join the EU and become a minor player in that grand plan for a German dominated EUSSR. Bail outs are offered on draconian terms and Scotland swaps the Saltire for the infamous blue flag of slavery. The English revert to their strong, right wing ideology of self determination and responsibility, destroying the EUSSR grip and their ghastly offspring, the ECHR.

Years on, Scottish refugees pour South to seek the life style they once rejected, in a fit of tribal self interest. Resentment of this migration makes earlier attitudes to EU mass migrant carelessness look minuscule. Bitter fighting breaks out. Suddenly the then English PM looks like present day Assad and the EUSSR, under the guise of Scottish peace keepers, invade England. Suddenly powerful allies are joined and march North.

Eventually a decisive battle is fought and history goes, as ever, full circle. Have a wonderful New Year!


  1. Whole damned world is vastly overpopulated now, man is beating nature and natural predators (especially microscopic ones) at a fantastically increasing rate.

    Maybe the intolerance and urge to kill others we see is just another natural reaction in the minds of those who seek and attain power, they want a surplus of lower orders to work their modern day satanic mills, unfortunately for each worker bee there is an increasing number of drones to keep.

    Overpopulated Britain is a pint pot and over the last 15 years they've been trying to get a quart in, something's going to give sooner or later.

    I sometimes wonder how long it will be before it all kicks off here, might only take something small...straw breaks camels back.

    All the very best for a good New Year



  2. Many thanks for your unstinting support, Judd. A very happy and dare I hope, prosperous, New Year to you and yours.

  3. Culloden. There were a number of Scots fighting for King George and the Protestant cause. There was a company from Ayr for example made up of members of the Borough Incorporations. Charles Stuart was half Polish, a quarter French and a Europhile of his time.