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Friday, 27 December 2013

How Some, Hopefully Minority, Americans Do Patriotism.

With Blinkered And Aggressive Attitude.

Who does America most harm, they or Snowden?

Here's an example of reasoned and diplomatic discourse. Nought but unpleasant, nasty, foul mouthed invective. No doubt demonstrating the frequent brutality of minds closed to the all powerful and mighty reach of The State. Yet this moronic bully claims some kind of superior high ground based on a childish belief that everything is black and white.

Snowden, young, naive and yet still principled and in many ways, courageous. Such that his future, just as Assange's life, is now precarious and potentially short lived. Both men, regardless of any proven guilt as to their motives, have taken grave risks. Our less than "astute" blogger will have these guys condemned out of hand whilst cowering behind a display of cowardly anonymity, very similar to those massacring women and children in Vietnam.

Well, that violent and psychopathic attitude, displayed by this moronic let's "nuke" the whole world because everybody hates America, needs a bit of reality in their life. After the Iraq debacle, the Afghan abject failure and the rest of modern intervention, in support of a global governance, headed by the USA, that governance just isn't going to happen.

That fact does not stop the UK puppets of Washington from sucking up to the concept of a corporate ruled world, wherein everybody has to be in awe to American gangster politics. As for the Muslim growing influence and their constant appeasement , the ever out of control CIA pay offs  and the abject failure to curb the Muslim Brotherhood excesses, I, for one, welcome "whistle blowing" on behalf of the human race in general.

Now before anybody starts in with unjustified personal attacks bear this in mind. I hold the American sacrifices, on our behalf, over two mega world wars, with a powerful admiration and respect. No Nation, in this modern world and for sure no terrorist action in the name of religion, has particularly clean hands. That might well improve if less globalisation and more manageable National interest, came before empirical, consumerist led, dictatorship.

Here the Middle East and Islamic ambition clash with the identical philosophy of capitalist subjugation. When both these pretend ideologies behave with unchecked and reckless desire to dominate the whole human race, count me out. I suspect Snowden feels much the same way. As for labeling the guy a traitor, isn't that exactly what those who would rule, want their lackeys to use to denounce, not the enemies of their fellow countrymen but the dictatorial and despotic cretins in power?

As for that which this "astute", articulate and highly intelligent piece of excrement wishes to claim I am guilty of, they are so obviously ugly and unpleasant of character, no mirror can reflect their contradictory stance. Ergo, who would you trust to look after your well being, this guy or a Snowden type? As for his inane "questions" to Snowden, I suggest he seek a right of reply from Channel 4! Or is his jealousy of his nemesis the drag anchor? This individual acts like one of Orwell's post the Farmer's departure, in "Animal Farm", pigs.

Here are my answers to those questions;

1. They were all on one stick, perhaps?

2. They wanted in on the publicity. No such thing as bad! Sells papers and TV time.

3. They are all instruments of the Washington Mafia. See above.

4. Liberty only exists in America? Please, tell  Angela and company that one.

5. If these Nations are "major enemies" of America, you really are in the mire, big time!

6.  So the CIA waited until Snowden became a real menace, did they? How reassuring!

7. Your rock solid proof is where? Easy to slag someone off, you grotesque excuse for an Establishment
       enforcer. Who needs evidence to lock people up. Oh, of course, not if you dump them in Cuba.

So, my little minded adversary, welcome to the big boys club. We've only just begun. Presumably these people were your, or still are, your mates.


  1. For info my American foul mouthed plant and likely CIA lobotomised ignoramous has gone very
    quiet. Even failed to avoid censoring my last comment and blog link. Weird and covert.

  2. They or I, Anon? If I, I am devastated. If they, exactly!