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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

House Of Cards.

EUSSR Becoming As Destitute As Was The USSR.

As is the case very frequently we have to pop over to Russia Today to get a hint of what's really going on in the EUSSR. Not least the real truth behind the demonstrations in the Ukraine. Or the mayhem afflicting the, covetous of the Falklands, Argentinians. My interest in this post is the Yuan supremacy over the German golden fleece of the EU. Frau Merkin ought to be worried.

It would seem, despite the Deutsche Frau's  gamble on the German purchasing rather than bombing their neighbours into submission, the global environment is not in her favour. If there is a severe run on the euro then the biggest investors in that currency will be mightily embarrassed. 

Time will tell but I doubt the combined reserves of the USA and EUSSR would be able to stand up to the surpluses available to the Chinese. Naturally the preferred trading status the Germans presently hold with Beijing would also suffer, if the Yuan makes for a big imbalance with the deutschmark euro. What fun if global currency markets bring down the EUSSR. Again a similar scenario to the fall of the USSR!

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