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Monday, 30 December 2013

EUSSR Theft Knows No Bounds.

When Money No Longer Left, Steal Property.

As if Greece had not been raped all ready further attacks are rapidly devised. I do wish the rest of Europe's, still technically, national populations would stop letting these crooks get away with such actions. Will it require the understanding of the German people to realise how much their tax and hard earnt incomes are being drained to fund this unelected bunch in Brussels? 

Or do they buy into the myth that the future of Europe will be one of total German domination? I suspect the Common Purpose global governance ambition will take precedence in that respect and the German contribution swallowed up by the gangsters then in control. Even if Merkel is a senior partner, Nationhood will soon be trodden under a despotic cartel of very unsavoury individuals. Many of them bankers to the Mafia clans.

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