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Thursday, 12 December 2013

EUSSR Storm Troopers Join Protesters!

Most Refreshing.

Resume to be found here. I noted with some amusement the EUSSR propaganda machine trying to "big" up the Ukrainian protests, with a massive PR onslaught. What is not mentioned is the USA's growing nervousness at Russia's emerging return to Super Power status.  

Also absent, almost certainly deliberately, is the contrasting unrest in Italy and all over other parts of Europe, as the continuing impracticality of the common currency debacle goes on. A debacle robbing millions of not only a decent today but a demoralising and poverty stricken future. I have little doubt this monstrous construct that is this the EUSSR all devouring elite will fail eventually. What further nightmare scenarios will need to unfold beforehand is anybody's guess.

There are many who thought the mighty USSR was too big to collapse as it did. I see little difference with the EUSSR scenario. Just that the underhand oppression is better hidden than even the Soviets managed. My one hope is that I live to witness its downfall. Mind you these pictures suggest it may be sooner than we think!

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  1. Interesting to note that the only protest banner visible in the clip is in English. I suspect that it was aimed at more than the local authorities: “We are anonymous; We are legion; We do not forgive; We do not forget. Expect us. F*** the system.”

    I do hope that, when the collapse comes, it is as effective and as free of the blood of innocents as this.

    Radical Rodent