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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Children Of Socialism.

Having It All, Yet having Nothing.

Depression the new epidemic. I was quite moved by this story and led to reflect on the almost daily reporting of youngsters committing suicide. Or of mental difficulties brought on by bullying, family breakdown and the whole panoply of modern life, in the World's once vibrant nations of the West.

A major factor,in my humble view, is the loss of decency and values of morality in a global elite utterly devoid of any consideration whatsoever for Christian teaching. No one need believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God or necessarily anything but a brilliant IQ, with an insight into how Human Beings should use their intelligence to live worthwhile lives.

Unfortunately none of Christ's guidance suits the overwhelming force of selfish greed. It does not allow for "self" to entertain anything but narcissistic obsession for personal superiority and power over others. Thus the very nature of fidelity in relationships and the sensible union of marriage and family, are matters less easily bent to the will of the State, corporate and gangster goals for supremacy and therefore have to be discouraged.

It must therefore follow that the steady erosion of a once inherently more stable existence, warts and all,  founded on the tenets of self sacrifice  and service, was a virtually inevitable consequence of the socialist desire to pretend all were equal in "Animal Farm". At least until the incumbent head  Fred was evicted and other snouts dived gleefully into the trough. As pigs, those snouts could devour anything.

So is this our modern society? One where the pigs at the top are full of gluttony for all they can get? Are our erstwhile rich and powerful indifferent to the breakdown of family values and nurture, witnessed by the broken homes a huge number now suffer and experience? It would seem so and the depressing march to wholesale depression looks unstoppable. There again we have seen matters come to a head in the past, so who knows where we might be headed. Certainly not the EUSSR, one hopes. Another Animal farm  in the making!

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  1. It is interesting to note how many people confuse religion with God; religion is a human construct, and is often used to benefit those in charge of that particular religion (place your own ideas, here). God, however, is a far different prospect, and one that we will never begin to understand – we cannot understand the thinking of a dog, so how can we hope to understand God? Interestingly, I have raised my own anti-religion ideas with the local vicar, to find him agreeing with me; Jesus himself was also anti-religion: His message was unequivocal and very simple: “Follow me, and believe.” A simple message, but one very difficult to practice; the final irony is that, once you do accept Jesus, you realise – no matter how hedonistic your life might have been – how constrained you were, and how free you now are.

    Radical Rodent