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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Bidding Farewell To 2013.

Not My Favourite Time Of Year.

So little ever achieved by politicians and rebels,  for the children.

As we end another difficult year, in the tide of human existence, I try to see and consider cause for hope and optimism. In my own life here in the wonderful Marches, that's relatively easy to do. However in the wider world it gets ever more difficult. 

War, Islamic determination to kill and murder, ironically in the name of religion but in reality tribal, endemic racism, by Eastern influences against Western. Puny Western political plotting and anything but true representative politics, go from apparent strength to strength. Not least in the ever burdensome and morally destructive EUSSR's creeping dominance in our affairs.

Still, lets remain hopeful. The climate change meme needs soon call itself global cooling! Although the Antarctic is now renamed a large iceberg! Then there is Putin. Now there's a guy who sees Islamic terrorism and global ambition for what they are. 

Instead of the failed appeasement attitude of The EUSSR and their puppets at Westminster and in Whitehall, Putin looks to answer fire with fire. Whilst our lot whimper platitudes, try to force positive discrimination down our throats and prepare the decks for Sharia law. A system capable of the most gross misogyny imaginable. 

Add to all that the desperate way police and authority wriggle to dampen anger over white girls groomed for sexual exploitation and rape, makes the likelihood much will improve in 2014. Thus it does get ever more difficult to be optimistic about our future as a Nation. Still maybe the sheeple will wake up and put a large number of EU sceptics into Brussels. Albeit, I doubt they would be allowed to change much. Or get the accounts and the corruption sorted!

 So my prediction for 2014, more of the same or worse! Nevertheless may it not affect all those more deserving of a successful and happy New Year. Almost certainly all those who visit my blog, from time to time!

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