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Friday, 13 December 2013

As Mass Immigrant Overcrowding Bites.

We All Suffer The Consequences.

Park Lane circa 2045?

That is, "we all", as in most of us. The people responsible continue their deluded lives in their pathetic bubbles of isolation and their inability to understand the word "consequence".

This rant is triggered by the usual effort, on the part of some erstwhile charitable home for embezzling charity executives. Together with their propaganda of guilt leveling charges on all but those really to blame. I refer to this particular whinge of today. In reality the civil war in Syria and the murdering barbarity is just further evidence as to why the West prospers, relatively, whilst the African and third world centuries behind others do not. 

I addition to the need to blame the real culprits in these for ever warring, tribal, genocidal tendency regions, we must also consider a further factor surrounding wars and genocidal conflicts throughout the World. Overcrowding and too many mouths needing scarce resources. 

So what answer do our own despots in Brussels come up with? Yup, lets pack our own lands, schools, houses and infrastructure to the gunnels. Why not designate The British NHS the destination of choice and free medical treatment for the whole Planet's flotsam and jetsam? Why not demand the British way of life and English language useage be changed to suit all but the endemic population? 

Lets park 132 million people in those Islands by 2112. Better still make this overcrowding, Asian and elsewhere dominated, economic ruination, mirror the slums and destitution from which originally these masses have been imported. What we must never do is lead by example and show that sustainability is only possible by ensuring populations can be self sufficient in everything. Globalisation may seem a very special way to run humanity, whilst the experience is telling us it most certainly is not. Well, not for the majority.


  1. Try this one, it is really scary:

  2. Ah the guilt method of propaganda, nowhere more prevalent that in the bogs at your nearest motorway service area.

    You can't even go for a P without being greeted by the latest sad face, and if you need a number 2 when you plant yourself for 5 mins well bugger me there's another sad face...all the same guilt method of money extraction, with a number you can text to donate money to, go on you know you want to, you who have everything.

    Bombarded by guilt as if you the poor bugger working yourself into an early grave for umpteen hours a day (to ensure YOU provide for those YOU are responsible for) are somehow to blame for the situation pictured in front of you.

    Take one of the current toilet poster campaigns, Shelter, a worthy cause indeed, rightly in my mind complaining that 80,000 children will wake up Christams morning homeless.
    Yes it's indeed a tragedy, but Shelter, just as all the other toilet poster ads, fails to address the elephant in the room.

    If we didn't have umpteen million more immigrants here, many deliberately imported by the Bliar/Meddlesome swine in their frenzy to change Britain, the country they hate so, then there wouldn't be 80,000 chidren waking up on Christmas morning technically homeless, they'd all be in decent houses in streets far safer than the ghettoised slum areas we now see spreading, and the white (not in colour) flight that results.

    We, the great unwashed didn't cause the housing crisis, we didn't want anything to do with Bliars and now Camerons (and his baseball hatted sidekick) current and recent war machine either.

    We, the great unwashed didn't ask for our once marvellous (but with its own faults and idiosyncrasies) country to be flooded with people desperate to turn this green and pleasant land into the same shi* hole they were so desperate to leave, we didn't ask for millions of economic migrants, millions of illegals, hundreds of thousands of health tourists.

    Christ knows, we had enough scum of our own, we didn't to import any more bloody criminals, rapists, child molesting gangs, pickpocketting gangs, drug dealers, benefit sponges etc etc.

    Unfortunately the truth is that they the great unwashed idiots did actually vote for all of the above and will do so again and again, they voted in one traitor after another, they voted because the serpent Bliar (other con men are available) offered them a utopian 20 pieces of silver, and they took the offer.

    They, the electorate betrayed and have destroyed their Jerusalem.

    Blair started it in earnest, Snotty the weird followed and now Cameron continues to force a quart of people into this 1 pint island, they won't fit, it can't work, the future is bleak.

    In 2015, the turkey electorate will vote yet again for their very own Christmas and will vote in their millions for more of the there a more stark definition of mass lunacy.



  3. Judd, very well put. Yet whilst there's life there's hope, just.