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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Antarctic Melting And Disappearing Ice.

Making A Dramatic Comeback.

Penguin, rather than Atlas, shrugs!

This destination remains my most favourite place to counter with reasoned argument and scientific support, the ever continuing, unproven myth of global warming climate change. The stupidity of a continuing application of draconian legislation, by The EUSSR, on the people of the Continent, remains one of the biggest scandals and misuse of undemocratic powers, in the history of the human race.

The cavalier manner in which badly and dubiously manipulated, hugely expensive computer models have been used is an expensive exercise in hubris. One which has placed the human race in greater peril than the poor science and political ignorance warranted. The billions squandered could have been better spent on more significant forecasting capabilities and better research in how to handle storms and extreme weather. Plus that same huge expenditure might well have made a difference to the devastated areas worst affected by tempest and flood.

Nevertheless, it is with some wry amusement we today witness the wafer thin Antarctic ice denying passage to the eco tourists seeking to exploit the brainwashed masses over their dogged insistence climate is all down to the rest of us. Those of us who seek better research and application rather than alarmist, short term, careless, science. Science so readily used by many to get rich or charge ever higher energy costs and taxes.

  Ironically, a head Fred scientist with commercial ambitions to get rich from "climate change" applications is on this very vessel! Together with an expensive entourage of guardinistas and Beeb hangars on. More detail available at Watts gaffe! The purpose of my post is to highlight how utterly farcical this wretched climate change mantra is. Most amusing when they screw up so spectacularly.Then their rescue icebreaker gets into trouble from this thin, summer ice.  

Not so funny when we get royally screwed to fund the industry of "climate change" mythology, though, is it?


  1. Its a pitty not more of this Climate Change Scam Pushers do not follow their example.

  2. I love irony because the world runs on it. Is a ship investigating global warming get stuck in ice not deliciously ironic?