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Monday, 2 December 2013

A Big Sigh.

Thank You Mr Ishmael!

Despite this terrible, awful footage, you can bet this is happening as I post. Just one consequence of our Socialist Utopia and multi-cultural, inevitable racism. I was moved to post on this subject by a post from a favourite destination of mine. 

Now I do not accept that this horror should be laid at Mrs Thatcher's door to the same extent as Mr Ishmael. More a slow, descent and decline, exacerbated by corporate, Common Purpose,  globalism under a socialist governance. As with the USSR and daily ever more so, the EUSSR, the trick is to realise the socialist aspect of equality is set aside whilst those believing in the eventual Utopia, safeguard their own interests and dynasties. 

To that end successive Governments fail to arrest the deepening brutality of these already overcrowded Islands. A Nation where resources of earlier generations, prudent and sensible, are plundered to service the Government bribery schemes for electoral gain and therefore power. Mr Ishmael puts it more crudely and effectively.

All I can chip in with is that I am horrified at the platitudes and smarmy, albeit creepy, utterings from the career bunch we have in today's politics. Camoron's cronies to China jaunt a perfect example of ensuring those needed to deal rather than do good works at home, get top billing. Together with a powerful plug for Virgin Atlantic. Paddy Walsh must be livid over at BA Towers! None of these sucking at the tax payers teat will need to worry about their elderly and frail loved ones getting the sadistic, often racist abuse. no way.

I doubt the socialist red flag wavers of Labour and Unite will have these concerns for their futures either. Not with these kinds of principles. No doubt Bob's booked his nearest and dearest into a local council care home, too. Not without first, of course, ensuring they know some Union heavies will check in frequently.

Mr Ishmael calls this diabolical situation the new "bogey man" and he's not wrong. Can anyone, anyone out there or in charge of Government tell me this won't become ever worse? As our mass immigration and population explosion continues apace, our borrowing liabilities, created by those moronic politicians and civil servants could be so much better spent. They all want sacking and a new way found. Until then we really are all going to die in very nasty surroundings. Except the very perpetrators.

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  1. disgusting, upsetting and I warn that care assistant if I ever see you in the street you will be royally f-cked up and trust me I am a good fighter. Of course any justice or protection for the elderly would have seen you deported on your own money preferably tied to the landing wheels and paying that lady compensation even if you have to sell your sister and kidneys.

    In fact you are gimp looking CNUT