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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Why No Media Meltdown?

I posted this some years hence. Now we are facing a disaster 85 times greater than Chernobyl. So when the same political and global UN types join with the EUSSR in telling me and the rest of us we are to blame for the Planet's ills, I shudder at the hypocrisy of those able to live seemingly perfect, guilt free lives.

If "their" days are numbered with the rest of the human race, the sods get to enjoy much more than most. Luxury air travel, ten star hotels and flunkies by the hundred. Not once is there one jot of remorse for their abject failure and catastrophic decisions. Not least to build Fukushima where they did. That decision, coupled with the ring of fire of the Pacific rim, stirred with the stupidity of nuclear testing, in such a vulnerable geological area, beggars belief.

One thing we can be sure of. The warming of the Pacific Ocean can be now wholly blamed on human decision and activity. Thing is, the political idiots now demanding ever higher revenue, from those slowly beginning to glow in the dark, are literally getting away with genocide. There will be facts and figures they, the PTB, will be privy to and allow they to avoid the dangers of swimming off USA West coast beaches or in the Pacific Ocean per se.

Shoals of dead fish and "unexplained" sea mammal beachings are all hushed up and any outbreak of news anxiety quickly suppressed. None of this withstanding, so great is the literal fall out from Fukushima it cannot remain so stifled much longer. Soon some reaction to the polluting radiation levels of this massive degree will manifest itself. Possibly the radiation levels will become so high and millions so illuminating of themselves, nighttime lighting will become redundant. Only, of course, for the short time before millions of those irradiated will enter the earth's already contaminated soils. There again such might be the number of fatalities, night lighting will remain redundant and unnecessary.

So the obsessive perpetuation of he belief climate change is caused by man made means will become a self fulfilling prophesy. Only thing is the poor victims will not be the consumers to blame. As for Oldrightie, holidaying in the Pacific seems to be a somewhat foolish thing to do. Maybe one of many reasons "Common Purpose" is less than common knowledge sharing. My only final question is how do they keep the press from running this on a daily basis? Perhaps promise the hacks inside knowledge as to how best stay safe, as the Planet glows with the results of such manic incompetence.

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