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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Who's The Most Scared?

More Than One, No Doubt.

Though Iraq still hovers, so does this matter. Now the Chilcot enquiry is struggling to publish its report due to a cabal of utterly despicable, genocidal warmongers, who now rule the West, but let's not forget the knowledge Saif must hold over the real nature of Western leaders' guilt and war crimes.

The manner in which Saif is being held, as described in the link, is fascinating. There must be a substantial number of people, Camoron, Bliar and Snot picker amongst them, who are less than pearly white. As for the ICC, there motives will be also tainted with self interest or even self preservation.

The billions now spent on "interventions" do not look a good investment. Iraq is still, albeit suppressed by Western interests, wracked by civil war and daily mortality figures equal to or higher than the West's period of failed expedition. Libya is little better despite the dubious celebrations by Camoron and Sarkozy. As for Afghanistan, the Taliban will be back next year as though the Russians and The West barely passed by. Not that any information will be forthcoming. Just as in Iraq and Libya.

As if the public face of abject failure were not bad enough for the likes of Bush and Bliar and now Camoron's cover up piling on the pressure, what is being forced to be hidden is probably many times worse. Not least the possibility Bliar really was blackmailed and Camoron fears a similar fate, if he upsets Obummer. By that I mean the knowledge of nefarious political names being associated, with evidential capability, with the heinous predilection for abusing the youngest in our society.

After all, we now have significant understanding of Savile's PBC reign of arrogant and untouchable behaviour. In no way was that confined to pop culture debauchery. There will and still be, many who really believe their ghastly nastiness will never be exposed. Their peerages remain sacrosanct and their lusts catered for. However, even though the Profumo  affair would be regarded today as small beer, I still consider the rape and buggery of children would do for those heavily corrupted by that most debased of unpleasantness.

So is that why these reports are being sat on? After all if those being blackmailed, most of the British Establishment, were found to be less than worthy of high office, what use would they any longer be to a blackmailer of a self interested CIA or other Government, , if gone? I doubt we will ever know the real truth or that these cretinous and evil people will ever be brought, en masse, to justice but by goodness it would be joyful!


  1. And they both converted to Catholicism.

  2. Well, the Catholic cause appears to have a decent leader at long last, Mac!

  3. Have you lost your mind old boy?

  4. Not at all Mr Mac. Credit where credit is due, seems fair.

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  6. That is a p.r. trick of satan. Out of all the peoples of the world--that christ: The pontiff of Rome shows him compassion, or mercy? Now i can understand that the man may be shunned, but what kind of spectacle is this? So this eternal embrace of this christ, is an act of forgiveness for his deformity?

  7. Dear Mr McG,
    We would need to know if the unfortunate man was present for PR purposes, or not? Does this Pope really eschew the trappings of former Pontiffs? My take in this instance is why not wait and hope? A real Christian example to the sh*ts who run the Planet would surely be a blessed relief, denomination regardless?
    Now amnesty for IRA gangsters is another matter!