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Sunday, 24 November 2013

What The F**kity F***?

I Know Our Media Generally Stinks, BUT THIS?

I admire this comparison from Twitter. What will it take to get our feelings and want for a justice system,  now so debased as to be a joke. Albeit an unfunny one. As for the media, tossers all of them. Why oh why the silence? 

A trawl through the search engines gives just this little piece of information. I accept the "De-Flowering" of Labour is good old fashioned fun but this should be greater priority. So I would like to imprint the names of these pair of scum in anybody's mind who passes by the blog. OK, the trial has still to be held so their Islamic innocence is paramount, isn't it? Nevertheless, I cannot understand why their names should not be as burnt in our minds as those of Lawrence or Duggan.

Adebalajo and Adebowale.

Ade-bal-ajo and Ade-bow-ale. Two names you should know forever and say out loud constantly until they are as ingrained in your minds as those you ever do remember.

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