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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Weekend Dog Day.

Scrapping Over An Already Marrow Less Bone.

Pick any two politicians in the UK right now and the picture above could be they. After decades of dire warnings as to where mass immigration, EUSSR federal ambitions for unelected  dictatorship and the global Common Purpose to destroy Nations and nationalities, with their associated and passionate peoples turned into zombies, the bone is what's left. In this discussion, the UK.

Gieve is reported as coming out with yet another decades old flaw in the multi-cultural debate and its failings. Welcome as it is, it's still too little, too late. The mechanisms are entrenched deeply in the Left's, in particular, modus operandi. A fact encouraged, no doubt deliberately, by those Wallace paragons of virtue in the Trade Union, Coop and Socialist rule books. 

Just as it is in that cess pit of a Government base, where this still continues. However the message is irrelevant as long as the PR is put forward as kosher! Which brings me back to the picture above. Let's imagine it's Wallace Cokesnorter and Camorononlyatweekends. The bone may have marrow but it is unobtainable for the tiny creatures squabbling over it.

The bone is the remains of the United Kingdom, now ruled totally from Brussels. Such is our loss of sovereignty to that dreadful place every pronouncement by the puppet UK Government is meaningless. Votes for prisoners, open borders, endless hand outs of school places, health service for all comers, benefit top ups for criminal gangs, sex traffickers and slave masters. Remember those cockle pickers? Do you think that's all changed? Of course not.

Back to the bone. Let's examine further places that flesh off a once abundant meal went. A stew of further corruption to render every last morsel of meat. Another example, of being left with just bones, is the fishing industry's loss, over decades, which destroyed our Islands' waters and livelihoods, totally unopposed by British Governments. Scandalous rape of fishing stocks.

So whatever our mangy lot in Government are gearing up to promise, come the next election, it's totally without any meat on the bone, whatsoever. A referendum, which if it ever happened would fall foul of EU and others' already touched on, vote rigging. Remember how, when in 2005 the result was the wrong one for Brussels? No matter, cough and carry on with the subterfuge, clearly to be read in my banner above the blog.

So, once proud and British, you are all no more. I see only enslavement and decay ahead. Overpopulation becoming the norm, as the EUSSR park their riff raff on the fields and villages of these Islands. As with all grossly overcrowded lands, poverty, infrastructure breakdown, rampant lawlessness and corruption is becoming the inevitable outcome. These idyllic outposts will be mostly doomed ere long.

I just cannot understand how it's inevitability goes without question. The same kind of moronic politicians trumpeted us to war on a global scale, twice. Then just gave away all that sacrifice to those we once held as, rightly so, our mortal enemies. I leave you with this excellent link on the same theme. He's not wrong. His post shows how wrong we are to have gone down this road to eventual oblivion of decency and loyalty to each other.

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