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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Scottish Question.

Hoots Mon!

Back in history debates such as Scottish Independence were more often than not carried out after one side or the other had slaughtered as many of the "auld enemy" as possible. In today's times we are told there are circa 6 million in Scotland and around 64 million across England, with Wales and Northern Ireland contributing about 5 million souls into the mix. For mix it certainly is. Even to this day the murdering of others over Nationalist demands is in our midst. Albeit on a different shore than "mainland Britain".

This Oldrightie has stood back from comment for some time, now. Partly because I fear for these Islands in their present form. Not least the creeping federalism that threatens, for that's what it does, the very existence, not just of my Nation and lands but my very race. That threat emanates from Brussels, which in turn is just a cloak to hide the Common Purpose for totalitarian global rule.

These threats, evident in our laws and lives are now controlled from the EUSSR in so many ways. In this instance I am sad to see Scotland turning in on its own best interests, which can only weaken any resistance we may have left to fight off The EUSSR and thus totalitarian, Orwellian eventuality. 

War was the preferred confrontation of choice, in the past until bloodshed was so substantial, only unification and a shared Kingdom became sensible. All that was learnt centuries ago is now threatened by the march of socialism in the form of a Nationalist Party. Now what does that echo of? Nevertheless there are aspects of Scottish independence I find appealing.

I truly believe that England, as the largest Nation in Britain, would more likely succeed economically, defensively and socially, without the yolk of socialist dominance in our rump of a legislature. Though not a huge impact, the very fact that a man such as Snotgobbler Brown would not have access to Downing Street ever again would be a plus! Additionally the tussles over North Sea oil fields, infrastructure and investment would be a bun fight of very complex wrangling.

I suspect that Salmond  considers the creation of an oil rich State would be the foundation for a very lucrative political elite. One funded to excess and capable of buying votes for evermore. Unfortunately the extraction and exploration costs alone will be beyond a minnow Scottish republic. No doubt this has not escaped the predators in Brussels.

This brings me to a further issue this Unionist by nature, English pragmatist in reality, would like others to consider. A fledgling Republic would struggle to seek loan investment and assistance from its  forcibly divorced, previous UK spouse. Indeed it would be a hard sell for English politicians to permit the underwriting of its old partner, who, in theory, has walked away from the marriage. So I am more than interested to see how school budgets, NHS provision and the rest of the enormous infrastructure costs, let alone administrative and political palaces to fund, would be financed.

Are we to assume the loss of Faslane and those jobs will be immediately transformed into world beating IT industries? Indeed, what will be Scotland's defense provision post this new Socialist republican dawn? Perhaps talks are already completed on an EU presence to defend Scottish interests and threaten England's? 

All this may seem far fetched but of one thing I'm certain. The EUSSR will be rooting, in this referendum for a "yes" vote. So much so "yes Scotland" offers this gem. A rather Red Riding Hood approach, I suggest. Certainly fermenting strife within these Islands, which in turn might see the smaller side requesting military assistance from the EU, without the need for the present Trojan Horse methods, might seem very appealing to those still sulking at their defeats of the last century.

I may choose to return to this subject in the future. One thing I am sure of, a yes vote would give me much amusement. The political turmoil and fall out would give the pop corn industry a major boost. Once the old, inevitable fighting broke out, my generation will probably be long gone. It might , however, allow me to see my conservative, with small and large C's triumph, once more. If so, bring it on! Just think, an EUSSR State in the Greek model,  in Scotland and a truly independent England. Closed borders would be very necessary!


  1. An interesting post OR.

    It's a vexed question isn't it? My own take on it is being posted this morning. Like you I have not got involved in the debate until now and there are loads of different takes on what is an enormously wide subject.

    It will be interesting to watch it develop...

  2. I have always felt that England has had a very poor deal from the union, and that English independence is highly desirable. The problem is that the political elite in Westminster abhors the very thought of England as an independent nation, even the "Conservatives" who have most to gain. Now we have hope. The only route to English independence is through Scottish independence. That is why I support Scotland for the Scottish. By the backdoor we shall win!