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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Quiet Victory.

The Whispered Defeat.

Karzai asking Barroso how much he's stolen.

Years ago I wrote of this inevitability. Still our pathetic and juvenile politicians pursued their glory and hubris at a terrible cost in young soldiers' lives and limbs. Why does every single thing those assuming authority over the rest are such cretinous failures? I suspect it's largely down to their inadequacy to follow real careers and pursuits. Media studies about the level of their pea brain infantile immaturity. Yet I repeat just look at the cost and burden in every corner of our lives.

Until the unwanted but probable exposure of the smell of rotting Flowers enjoyed by Milibad Ed we we regaled with a daily coke snorted epistle from the idiot. Cost of living one mantra. Bank regulation another. Each time an embarrassing reference to the shambles and mayhem he and his Labour cronies inflicted on us all. Particularly the poor and downtrodden they purport to look after first. Can anyone show me one sink estate that has improved in the last 50 years of creeping socialism and totalitarianism? Still, Wallace and his lot are presently licking their deserved kicking wounds from the Coop and Unite deep failings.

So in CokeEd's blessed absence, post his "Desert Island Discs" pathetic appearance, Camoron is standing in his place with daily apparently important announcements. All hot air and likely impossible promises. Del Boy is alive and well in Number 10, it seems. 

Take his "sharing" our concerns over the next wave of scroungers from the slums of Eastern Europe. He'll curb their benefit entitlements, h says. We all know he can't, without EUSSR approval. So he'll do his usual little punt into the long grass and forget it. Just like Afghanistan. Camoron's a very, very nice chap and a gentleman to boot. He is not, however, a leader and in that circumstance he is seen as weak and ineffectual. We are all diminished as a consequence. 

The best we can say is the Cobbleition, Cleggy warts and all, are marginally better than the alternative gangsters running Labour. Mrs OR is correct when voting for those likely to do the least damage!

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