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Saturday, 9 November 2013

State Sanctioned Killing OK.

In The Field Of Battle It Seems Not.

 I do belong to those who believe responsibility for one's actions ought to be paramount. So if a wounded enemy is lying before his adversaries, common decency and humanity should prevail. That the "enemy" might behave in an inhuman and barbaric manner should be irrelevant and the more civilised morality should be the guiding factor.

Unfortunately the horror, fear and vengeful, emotional, feelings must be very hard to contain. It is probably likely that the incident and Court Martial of this past week is but one "execution" that has come to light, of many which remain secret and hidden.

One overriding factor, for me, is that as we remember those hundreds of thousands who lost their lives in conflict and war, those who have failed us all, politically, escape, not only scot-free but often become wealthy on the back of their incompetent nastiness and sanctioning, secretly, of torture and murder. Bliar springs to mind over the death of Dr David Kelly. Not forgetting the rest of that ghastly crowd and their links to Dunblane.  Both issues not far away from the theatre in which this Marine found himself acting out actions frequently nodded through by his political masters.

Nothing but nothing can excuse such as this. Yet, as I have written, the troops placed in these situations and brutalised beyond measure, are rightly punished whilst the real perpetrators of stupidity escape. 

I cannot join the chorus of sympathy for this British soldier nor any other who falls into such behaviour. Though my blood boils at the manner of their being there in the first place. The way we have prosecuted recent wars, whilst handing out asylum, sanctuary, money, benefits, health service and legal aid aid infinitum, to those who would slaughter us gleefully, to a level higher than to our servicemen and women  and their families can ever expect, is every bit as barbaric as the actions I have touched on.

The whole scenario of modern life betrays our once enviable and civilised morality. Minority causes, social engineering, mass immigration, all illuminate a shabby loss of democracy and majority will. It is quite probable that our descent into the identical immorality of terrorism, we pay lip service to despising, has an insidious effect on the minds of those our puerile political establishment dispatch to do their dirty work. For me, Downing Street is every bit as complicit in this Taliban's killing as the marine who carried it out. I pray for he but cannot for those who should but fail to know better.

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