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Friday, 29 November 2013

Snotty Was So Bad.....

It'll Take Two To Replace Him!

We all knew Snotty was mad. How he ever got into power we may never know. Still, with a mass immigrant vote, ballot rigging and Union bullying anything, can happen. So 2015 may well see us lumbered with the nightmare ticket of a Milibad and Calamity Clegg coalition. Particularly if we consider the brainless sheeples who now make up the dregs and underclass sheeples conceived with the Satanic sperm of socialism.

Yet when we look at the two career gangsters and opportunists above, can we not take some comfort in knowing that their luxurious and pampered life styles are undeserved and just the product of good fortune, without one smidgen of decency or competence? 

If their attitudes and stupidity were harmless and had no impact on our lives we might, just, disregard their nastiness and inadequate human existence. Unfortunately one, for sure, has been part of a Government which presided over many deaths and great misery. Not least their sheer evil disregard for us all relying on the NHS. The other was weaned on that teat of corruption that is The EUSSR.

I loathe most politicians with a passion. Mostly Labour and socialists. Clegg, however takes the biscuit when it comes to a superiority complex and total, arrogant prick. I would very much like to know how much this cretinous "greenie" is following the Fukushima nightmare unfolding? 

Naturally a disaster on this scale is required to be hushed up, so we can't expect any of them to keep us in the terrifying loop. It is, as always, that which they deign not to share with us which is the most awful. Would be nice if Snowden had some "stuff" on all of them and their conspiracies of silence over the death of the Pacific Ocean, if not the whole Planet. Not a peep, of course. 

Yet somehow Clegg's holier than thou smugness comes across, with all the LibDum posturing weakness, as worse than the rest. Only just but still the worst. Who knows what 2015 is to bring but if Clegg were to be a big loser, I for one would rejoice. If they all get a political bloody nose, I hope we have long enough to relish it afterwards.

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