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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Shock Horror.

Labour And Unite Less Than Honest.

This ghastly man and placement patsy of the Unions, above, gets ever more unpleasant. In today's PMQs he attacked us all, let alone the Government, in his remarks relating to the NHS. My meaning is that, in order to gain political advantage, he ignores all the excellent things about the Health Service and its successes. Matters many of us are just as aware of as we are of the minority, headline grabbing, scaremongering problem cases. Most with their roots in Labour's time in Office.

I'm astounded how Camoron seems incapable, as he was in Opposition, to really score open goals against Labour and the Left. Their appalling cover ups, genocidal obsession with NHS targets and the subsequent failings highlighted by The Mid-Staffs and now Colchester scandals, to name but two, are examples, of which there are many, of Labour's despicable negligence in power. 

Bliar then Snotty were far too pally with PFI Corporate scam merchants and obsessively concerned with anything which jeapordised their grip on power and money. Thus decency, responsibility for failure and sheer incompetence was constantly blanked by a daily diet of lies and obfuscation, bullying and nastiness, known as "public relations",  Alkie Campbell style. At least Camoron had a slight nudge against Andy Burnham, that little purveyor of grim reaper NHS cover ups, to hide Labours' lack of fitness to govern.

Behind all that bluster and mock, faux jousting, every Wednesday lunchtime they're not on their frequent holiday jamborees, lie darker matters. Mostly attributable to Milibad The Nasal and his total adherence to the life style necessary for one condemned to dwell in McCluskey's pocket fluff. 

That the possible criminal activity in forcing a Unite lackey into the Falkirk constituency, to ravish the generous earnings to be had in Parliament, not to name the Trojan Horse of Union power by stealth, is a matter of a Union gagging order and inaction clause on Milibad, comes as little surprise. Vote rigging was designed by Labour when they introduced postal votes, with a likely understanding of how it might sweeten potential marginal seats' results.

It was also a neat little bit of legislation that favoured some philosophies over others. A convenient use of certain cultural, misogynistic tendencies permitting votes to be cast by decree. So the very existence of alleged dirty tricks in Falkirk can be of little surprise. The future EUSSR Westminster Branch may well be made up of only dubiously acquired Marxists, ere long, with but one "Common Purpose". Totalitarian Dictatorship. Falkirk is but a brick in the wall. Milibad's gagging a dollop of wet mortar.

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  1. make them sweat, ask any of them for the definitions of honour and intergrity.