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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Please Don't Groan!

I Love Christmas.

Normally Mrs OR and myself ignore the initial build up to Christmas until a week before. However this year is different. Not least because I'm so pleased to be here! Do not, however, feel I am daft enough to enjoy the media outpourings of pro-Islamic and other festivals, more akin to heathens and barbarians. You know, those who inhabit politics and their pets in the media circus of banality and idiocy.

The bits I like are the genuine get togethers in honour of, depending on your bent, the birth of a saviour able to show a decent way for humans to live, or one annual time to try and be happy. Families devoted to fidelity and nurture rather than drug and booze fuelled promiscuity. That childish immaturity to ape the perverts at the very top of the celebrity and media trees, populating the ever worsening urban jungles. 

I love a brief respite from the endless vote rigging electioneering that overwhelms us all, 24/7, the moment the last election's vote rigging boxes have been hidden away until needed. Most of them stored in Labour and Union Town Hall storerooms. One should bear in mind, as the product of comprehensive, socialist education can no longer count to ten, it follows that a fair ballot must now be a myth!

I love being in the Countryside. Traditional Christmas activities still abound. Old folk checked on regularly, carol singing and a quick snifter in the village pub, after morning service. A peaceful quiet, as lunch is taken circa two o'clock onwards. Children, in the main, well behaved and self reliant, happy, to gift their pets before themselves and content with a traditional sense of security, emphasised by the seasonal ambiance.

Sure we visit the "big" city, which in reality is the small one of Hereford. Albeit soon to be swamped with the full force of mass immigration. Our visit is to purchase a turkey, at auction. Fresh meat, local provenance and at a price which gives all concerned a reasonable profit. 

It is naturally impossible to avoid the contagious, corporate, rip off hype but it's still minuscule when compared to the great metropolis centres of greed and selfish passion for gratification.The need to swell the fat cat profits pertaining to the cut throat, cheap and cruelly farmed produce, force fed us by the global supermarket behemoths. Think of those pigs mentioned below.

Corporate obsession with power and control, exercised via force feeding humanity with excrement disguised as wholesome and nourishing poison. All aided and abetted by the gangsters in politics and banking. People barely removed from the torturing psychopaths of the Mafioso butchers, feeding victims to their pigs. These are the very same people bankers turned to when they stole the world's financial probity.

I know it's all out there but probably, for my time left here on Earth, most, naturally not all, of the things I love about Christmas, will still be available. I shall be able to end my days in places or a place, where the ever growing tide of unfettered, stupid, swelling,  humanity, is yet to wash over us. Something long too late in our larger conurbations, worshipped so ridiculously by those in the wealthier ghettos of privilege and power.

As for one last wonderful thought for this Christmas and despite Eurocleggy, we don't have Snotty or the socialist bullies in power, at the moment. Hopefully not until Christmas 2015, if then. Enjoy.

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