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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Overcrowded, Overwhelmed.

Still They Come In Their Millions.

Why do MPs and the Camoron, Milibad, Cleggy trio, bang on endlessly about immigration, yet do sweet eff all about it? Obviously it's partly to do with their bosses in the EUSSR but they, as far as I am aware, do not regulate the millions clamouring to enter freeloading Britain from outside the EUSSR. Now we all know it was a nasty piece of social engineering on behalf of the Labour Party in power, coupled with what they perceived as a nice little voting harvest but there still seems no end to the influx.

The latest report  estimates a further 10 million immigrants by 2038 and a population circa 70 million. Now those of us with eyes to see and services to need, know full well we're pretty close to that number now. We also are aware any forecast for future numbers will be a gross underestimation. So we can look closely at what is going to be our grandchildren's future. One which will mimic the scourge of all third world countries, where poverty stricken hordes are synonymous with overcrowded slums.  Places where breeding provides the only brief relief from drudgery.

Still, our politicians are able, easily, to avoid the worst effects of their incompetence, cushioned as they are by undeserved privilege. All the time able to quietly queue jump, where necessary, or where their actions have clogged services for the rest of us. Let's consider some of the issues our great and good, special and incapable pillocks have brought to our once great land.

1. A&E overwhelmed by sheer numbers, coupled with illiterate home grown, ill educated underclasses and non English speaking millions. Soon to be swollen by Romany travelers from Eastern Europe.
2. Schools unable to cope with ever rising birth rates handicapped cursed blessed with the same issues as the NHS. .
3. Tribal clashes imported from the trouble spots of their origin, such as Somalia, The Congo, Afghanistan, Iraq and so on.
4. Failure of immigrants to assimilate into the British way of life, history and culture, instead resentful, surly and often rude.
5. Importation of racist feeling against the endemic, white population nurtured by that grievous policy of "positive" discrimination. As if any discrimination can be positive.
6. The attempted enforcement of alien practices, sharia law and dominant religions bent on supremacy at any price, to the host nation's future prosperity and decency.
7. The misogyny of Islamic society. One which daily instigates the brutality of that insidious and barbaric practice of genital mutilation.
8. The Asian collusion happily tolerant of the abuse of young white girls, often paedophile in intent. As are their forced marriage actions, on many occasions.
9. The wearing of unfamiliar garb, often impractical and frequently filthy. Dress often used by males as an easy disguise for criminal intent.
10. The final point I will make is this. In any nation the ratio of evil, violence and criminality will be a given average. Therefore we are able to note full well, that as our immigrant numbers grow, so do the gangsters, mobsters, confidence tricksters, pickpockets, rapists and psychopaths. Throughout our towns and cities we now have ever larger groups of such criminals, bludgeoning, robbing and murdering, not just each other in frequent "turf" and or drug wars but all who get in their way. As with all other infrastructure requirements our law enforcement and prison services are just as snowed under and dangerously overcrowded. As we are reminded here.

That is just a shortlist of the downside. The financial burden is starkly obvious, despite the smooth talking PTB crowd and their efforts to claim this burden is, in their warped reality, advantageous. If they did but ask themselves what is the one dominant factor in every slum infested city in the world, would they still insist on this endless flood of unwanted, mass immigration? 

Mind you they do so love their cheap baby minders, cleaners and odd job workers, so I suppose they will cling to their "more the merrier" delusion. Right up until those same workers turn on them. Then we will see the experience of white South Africans sweep through our once green and pleasant land. Labour's gift to us all, a multicultural Armageddon.


  1. I seem to recall in the late 1940's that Britons were helped and encouraged to emigrate because of the overcrowding and social difficulties at the time. Because the full employment policy (which led to extensive under employment) we finished up bringing in cheap labour. And so it went on.

  2. 4. " . . surly and often rude."

    That is something that I have noticed and it rubs-up against me terribly.

    I have also noticed how racist many of the eastern Europeans are to non-white people, irrespective of their nation of birth.

    The idiots running this circus really do not have a clue as to what is happening on the ground.