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Monday, 11 November 2013

Our Great And Glorious Traitors.

Are  These The Greatest Ever Britons?

Or are they a group of pathetic excuses for humanity, tainted to a level of secretive knowledge of the deepest depravity, cruelty, treachery, narcissism and grossness, none of us will ever really know.

I lean heavily to my description above. One robbed us blind of our pensions, now lying in tatters for years to come. Then found to be clinically off his trolley. His mate to his left is now a millionaire many times over and so hated we are forced to pay many more millions to protect him and his ill gotten gains from hundreds of deserved enemies. A warmonger and war criminal still practising his trade as a privateer.

Next is a man still bearing a pathetic childish grudge he was found so weak and ineffectual, other than as an erstwhile dilettante and adulterer, when not acting as bag man for the misogynists who destroyed Maggie.

Shall I move on to the two public school boys at the front? Two guys who are a disgrace to their backgrounds. Pink, EUSSR wannabees, more concerned with their status in the future queue for when the Common Purpose goodie box is opened to dish out their expected baubles.

Is there anyone alive we might prefer to be standing in there place? Probably none we know of. Or at least someone that other figure of greatness, Dumbleby minor, of the BBC Paedo organisation, would deign to accept. Certainly not General Sir Nicholas Houghton, Chief Of The Defense Staff.  

This guy told us how perfect we will leave Afghanistan and that the Taliban is, to all intent and purpose, a spent force. As if. We really are all badly served, are we not. None so than our honourable dead, sacrificed, not for us but those who would make us all their slaves.


  1. NURSE bring me a bed pan quick i need to throw could have issued a vomit warning Rightie before subjecting us to such a vile scene.

    What a sorry bunch of useless sods they are, you couldn't make one decent man out of them if you melted the lot down.

    Even worse though is the knowledge that millions of our own people actually respect these creatures, have voted for and will do so again.

    It beggers belief.



  2. I posted a comment on the Telegraph referring to all of the above as scum . I got a response saying how nasty and vindictive I was .There are a lot of rose tinted spectacles about . I thought scum was on the mild side !

  3. You blame the Ocracy when the Demos are just as much to blame. We all know that 70% of constituencies are rotten boroughs, owned by one party or another. The voters are mindless idiots, except for about 10%. No power on earth can make democracy work, those who have will always be outvoted by those who want what those who have,have.