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Monday, 25 November 2013

No Fool Like An Old....

LibDum Politician.

Pantsdown and climate change make an awful spectacle. I loathe when these people waltz into the House of Lords, dismiss airily their indiscretions and blow up into huge balls of pompous arrogance. It is horrendous to listen to the unchallenged ghastliness of these addled old fogies and their pronouncements, particularly when so utterly and blatantly rubbish.

First off he claims natural disasters will in future kill more and more people. Well, Paddy, since fornication and subsequent procreation, practiced with the reckless abandonment of many who should know better, nudge, wink, the exponential growth of the human race will, de facto, mean more bodies in the path of violent, natural storms.

Now this ridiculous notion, heavily unproven, that we are all individually and collectively to blame is pure fantasy. Climate changes naturally. Creatures, indeed solar systems come and go. An eternal mystery we puny humans do not deserve to understand, let alone influence. Sadly we are force fed, by the likes of these dullards and intellectual legends in their own minds, a diet of daily garbage and drivel. 

Here are but two of the old duffers claims from the interview; “the earth is going through one of its warming cycles”,  “I know of not one single reputable scientific body, I’d even go further, not one single reputable scientist who supports the idea that this is not in part being caused by our activity “. The first grandiose statement, so typical of his breed of pomposity and self worship, I counter with this link. One I might point out of thousands. Ironically it also mentions a lot of scientists disagreeing with our fornicator of the last century and gainsays both his somewhat elderly mutterings.

Nonetheless I will also steer him, if he can manage to cope with factual reality at odds with his own state of rather fantasy driven vocabulary. Just this single link guides to others, whilst mentioning that there are many thousands of scientists not convinced, based on hard earnt qualifications and expertise, of the already heavily devalued purveyors of a very profitable scaremongering industry. 

So much for Pantsdown's efficacy and dubious ability to operate a computer keyboard. Silly old fart. Unfortunately it's his ilk, together with many others who are costing the human race billions and billions. Money better spent on contraceptives and common sense debate. Perhaps he might care to proffer up the hot air, he espouses so readily, to keep us all warm. Or better still distribute the ill gotten gains of his life in politics and luxury at our expense. 

Dreadful example of why we are all so deeply in the mire of his and his generation of useless, dreadful, Nation wreckers and traitors. How he ever survived in the armed forces is beyond me.


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  2. I thought Pantsdown was dead, Clearly somebody has dug him up again!