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Thursday, 14 November 2013

News And Current Affairs.

Often Very Selective, These Days.

In many respects the dominance of The Philippines tragedy is rightfully top of the news agenda just now. nevertheless one does have to wonder what else of importance is being quietly suppressed. One remembers that now dreadful phrase after 9/11, "A good day to bury bad news". Some woman in the thrall of Campbell, quite probably. Certainly his heinous character all over it.

It is interesting to note Camoron's sojourn to Sri Lanka and his usual response to whenever statesmanship  is called for, "We need an enquiry." Then there is the Syrian war now rather quiet but no doubt still as murderous and terrible as it was a year since. Indeed we can probably all marvel at the way in which, in a fast and huge world, our media cling to their own subjects of choice despite the plethora of other potential bulletins. 

I note, too, the alacrity the BBC have latched on to the blame game for what they tell us is a slow response to the rescue and aid effort in The Philippines. Not one moment do they question the manner of their presence hampering those who need to get on with the Herculean task of servicing relief aid throughout this massive and difficult Archipelago. Islands to cross, roads to clear and population centres resembling Nagasaki and Hiroshima to struggle through.

All the Western media do is incite the "someone else" do something. The frantic scrabbling and held out hands busy with self, rather than unselfishly aiding each other and paving the way for aid to be transported without hindrance, looting and violence. Civilisation has to be earnt, not begged. As for The UN complaining about a "slow" response. Easily said from a plush office in New York and the smug attitude of a Common Purpose sinecure being shown up for how pathetic the global governance ideal is when confronted with the full power of nature.

On one final point about "burying bad news". The Bliar, Bush discussions over Iraq are a definite matter for Establishment cover up and burial. The BBC lot won't like Saint Tone and the socialist debacle of 13 years being scrutinised for the criminal issues embedded in those talks. As for the Americans, whatever dirt they have, or possibly used, to coerce Labour into slavish obedience, they will not want to be forfeited. 

In this particular matter, Camoron will also have his skeletons to protect. So either he'll want another enquiry established for several expensive years of cover up or he'll want more Sri Lankan news tacked on the end of The Philippines' disaster. Anything to suppress the burning issue back home of how really terrible, sleazy and corrupt our Government actually is. Particularly The Senior Goons of the Civil Service debauched corridors. That's not forgetting their pals at the BBC paedophile HQ.

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  1. Managed to let Cameron deflect attention from his burying of the Chilcott tho hasn't it?

    More bad news buried...