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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

More Shameful EUSSR Actions.

Still No Shame.

On and on go the cosy relationships rife throughout this blighted and immoral organisation. One desperate to traduce all sense of freedom and joie de vivre, which are regarded as the preserve of none but those chosen from within. Thus the unpleasant daily pronouncements from our political EUSSR pygmies designed to booster their entry credentials into the inner sanctums of such ghastly, cretinous dictators.

Hardly a day goes by but that the minions of Brussels churn out regulatory interference of comic but still oppressive diktat. Toilet flush research, eco vacuum cleaner crap and a plethora of red tape all designed to obscure the even more unsavoury elements of Common Purpose.

In addition to all the corrupt nastiness we have the unedifying bribery of the pedophile training center, soon to become the EUBC. Plus their early stealth move to back Camoron's, Milibad's and Clegg's passionate desires to seek and curry favour if  ever, probably not, that referendum comes about. You can just imagine secret get togethers involving this trio of career political nose browners to the EUSSR Luxurious but secret dinners paid for by us, or The EUSSR or Common Purpose.

All the time this upper echelon of political collusion, to destroy democracy, carries on, the disasters and economic ruination of Europe and its peoples, gathers pace. UK as well as other Nations' cities creak under the weight of mass migration and criminal loss of funds. In particular the UK is burdened with huge costs to divert decades of National Insurance contributions away from the endemic population in order to cater for a benefit largess and NHS demand never envisaged. So out of control is any ability to plan for demographic forecasting, the UK census is now to be dropped!

Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the CBI pitch in to laud the need to be part of a Federal Europe. No doubt fueled by grants and payments of some kind to buy such vomit inducing sycophancy. Never do any of the bought and paid for traitors touch on the corruption, collusion and immoral aspects which comprise the real EUSSR nastiness. Just as they ignore the EU wide criminal gangs, sex slave and people trafficking. 

After all these activities are where their support funding, in cash, is to be found. Let's get personal about all this. There is unlikely to be one single EU politician of EUSSR big wig who has not blood of women and children on their hands. Let alone the misery perpetrated in the pedophile rings, also flourishing under the radar of EU protection.

Still, as I pointed out yesterday and picked up at an esteemed location elsewhere, we might yet be saved by our compatriots who are true patriots first. That and less than the EUSSR cannon fodder present day Brit seem happy to be. We can but hope.


  1. You always cheer me up, Old Rightie.

    Now, where did I put that rope?

    Oh, here's a good one for you, did you hear the one about the EU and how they spent £6bn by mistake?

  2. I begin to fear for UKIP though as Farage seems to be kowtowing to his old mate that feral liar Neil Hamilton. There goes their credibility...