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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Labour Of Lies Not Love.

Several Shades Of Nastiness Not Grey.

Is this a modern day Adolf applauding Himmler?

Those of us with half a brain cell were aware that the primary obsession of the Bliar/Snotty and their henchmen and women's time in Office, was power. Still is, of course. They may not be alone in this, such is politics in 2013. With the prevalence of the career first, people an irritating second, that infects modern, Common Purpose, World Government and loss of democracy, all are rightly hated for this attitude.

We could, with some efficacy, suggest that the socialist troops, comprise the more aggressive aspects of the political mindset. That of envy and covetousness,  garnered from the more dubious trade union ranks and the likes of thugs such as Prescott, McCluskey, McShane and many others. 

Whatever, 13 years of destruction, mass immigration and in some instances, genocidal cruelty, the wasteland that was once the thriving middle classes economic engine of self reliance, pension savings and independent old age is now gone. Partly replaced by that perceived beacon of excellence purported to be the sole preserve of the socialists and their beloved nest of liars, expense cheats and Burnham style, "not me Guv", shameless hypocrisy, with regard to the NHS failing.  A political scandal, not an NHS staffing one.  

Rippling round the World is the real nature of the Labour Party in power or seeking it. Avoidable deaths on a  genocidal scale went hidden under the umbrella of BBC and Alistair Campbell, PR, evolved cover up. When you consider the cretinous nature of all of those in the Labour Government, with very few exceptions, if any, then their continued presence in our political construct, beggars belief.

Let us go further. Besides the Falkirk and many other corrupt electoral practices, the cosying up to already rotten bankers, we are now witnessing the same practices with Milibad's  and Ball's guilt in the Coop Bank scandal.. Particularly that bully of all bullies, Balls. 

Though this has far reaching issues for the entire Nation, there are many thousands of Labour supporters royally shafted by this cabal. People's lives and savings sacrificed by Labours' willingness, at any price, to demand a short spoon at the Devil's table of temptation and the subsequent vile predilections for selfish greed.

Yet, in the face of the most heinous nastiness, this lot remain seemingly untouchable. Their criminal behaviour, theft of all and sundry and unsavoury denials of proven misdeeds, particularly the NHS cover ups, goes unpunished. I even suspect that if all of their ilk, heavily involved in the political murky alliances to pursue paedophile activity, were made public, it would only be those from other parties who would suffer., 

The Mandys, Snottys and any of the other rather shady bunch would flaunt their red and yellow rosettes as badges of innocence, since they pretend the socialist cause. The reality is ever around us, daily we feel the hardships and deprivations they wrought on most of us, middle class or poor. The need to dumb down, kill aspiration and dress everyone but themselves in boiler suits, reigns supreme.

For all their faults and frequent arrogance, give me the well educated, in the main, well bred toffs, any day. Their upbringing, even today, involves some time studying the concept of honour and service. Sadly these are concepts deemed anachronistic by all that is socialist. Which is why I despair at the Tory and Establishments' love of the EUSSR and its very similar codes of practice we suffer from Milibad and his hated right hand man, Balls. 

Ironically a dislike seemingly shared by Red Ed and his staff. This would be hilarious except that we suffered and endured such a pairing, from 1997 and for 13 years of hell. Once more I ask the question, how is it they are still a force in UK politics? What have we done to deserve them? How can it be possible they might return to power in 2015? Lord have mercy on us if they do. Particularly if they let you into a hospital bed run by a Labour Government. Or their Cooperative Bank is given a monopoly.


  1. Consider, if all this Co Op thing had been kept quiet it would have been possible for those persons to have been given the NHS to run after 2015.

  2. Knowing how our underclass are, Labour may still make it another 13 years of misery, Demetrius.