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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Is Popcorn Time Soon Upon Us?

It May Soon Be An Interesting New Theatre.

Ishmael yet again hits many spots in his inimitable style. Takes some getting used to but well worth the effort. In that post he touches, rather accurately, on that politician's curse of all curses, "unintended consequences". In a further link, the comments section from "Anon, Steve" at Raedwald, touches a similar nerve when discussing the annihilation desires of the Common Purpose UN, with regard to race. In particular the very obviously white.

In this terrible drive to herd all human beings into a melting pot, the better to control, manipulate,  dictate, and abuse, one element is always forgotten. That is the huge scale of the enterprise. Much as the belief humans affect, irrevocably climate. If we do, it's on such a minute level, the moment we have nuked everyone into oblivion, climate and race will cease to be an issue. 

So, back to those pesky, for the Bilderberger, Common Purpose crowd, consequences. Already it's reported Asian men are patrolling, vigilante style, Roma ghetto areas adjoining their own immigrant enclaves. As always, all over the world, people of similar backgrounds, origin and race, congregate, wherever they  find themselves shepherded. They, as is becoming ever more obviously throughout major cities, world wide begin to establish hierarchies, gangs and allegiances.   

This collective gathering together then becomes rivalry for all that is to be coveted from others. All we discover is that we have imported National identities and grievances into areas, when once those animosities and self preservation instincts were divided along geographical, national boundaries and thus more able to be regulated, than the now burgeoning nations within nations.

Fourth generation immigrants are now seeing the very threat to their lives and circumstances endemic populations and the Balkan States have witnessed, in very recent history. Blunkett, a main player in the mass immigration Labour policies now destroying our NHS, education and infrastructure, is whingeing, somewhat pathetically, how it's turning out. Or may well do after January and the invading hordes of Roma from Romania and Bulgaria are dispatched with some glee by their erstwhile compatriots, glad to be shot of them.

So who do we think will bear the brunt of these new "Vikings" arrival? If Blunkett's Sheffield concerns are a guide, then we, soon to be no more "whites", can at least enjoy the action likely to make that of 2011 but a sideshow. Imported grievances from Eastern Europe, criminal gangs battling for control of their perceived territories, cultural and tribal warfare as Somali's, Hutus and Tutsis carry on where they left off, prior to migration, to name but a few. 

Since our political EUSSR masters decreed all were and are welcome, we must remember, as we observe it all descending into chaos and bloodshed, we will have done an epic job of creating a new set of stadia, in the form of the abject surrender of our cities and towns. I do have to pose this question, will A&E cope when this all spills over? Of course not. We cannot handle the present numbers satisfactorily, how will we manage open, genocidal warfare, designed to finish the job of the destroying what once might have been a civilised, Utopian West? Still, there's always the popcorn!

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