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Monday, 4 November 2013

EUSSR And ECO Taxes.


Once again the French lead the way in making their feelings felt, whilst the Brits, in the main, accept the constant rogering meted out by all and sundry. In the case of the climate change scams it seems no amount of contrary, good solid scientific evidence, can stir the slightest interest or querying on behalf of Tracy and Kevin.

Naturally the socialist dumbing down of education plays a part as has the engineered mass immigration policies designed to weaken and water down the once burgeoning, self sufficient, social mobility attitudes, born in the grammar schools and sink estates of yore. 

When I wonder at the lethargy and lack of interest in the much trumpeted "falling living standards", by the cretinous bunch of millionaires, led by Wallace Milibad, I realise the lobotomised under class are but zombies under the thrall of their socialist masters. Plus, naturally the ready acceptance of Camoron and Cleggy of this state of affairs. One which allows them to inflate their way out of responsibility, along with the instructions handed down from Brussels and Common Purpose HQ.

Nevertheless, as I have often mentioned, the tactics used throughout Europe may well have been completely successful in the UK, already primed to put celeb worship, heroin and cocaine, before common sense and common decency but enforcing the same dominance, over the whole of Europe, may prove less successful.

Even when today's CBI pronouncements on support for the EUSSR/Common Purpose enslavement goes unchallenged, funded, no doubt through the largesse of the Brussels gangsters' misuse of our tax revenues, the protest in France was seen as, if only temporarily, to have been a neat victory for the people.

As a pointer to my attitude to the British way of life in 2013 I will mention this terrible killing in Gosport. What in God's name were two children, young girls, doing partying, boozing and who knows what, or as the school, the school's, headmaster of all people, tells us being a fun loving pair, were up to? 

Was not the time of night a factor in their deaths, or their vulnerability to the ghastly predators now given free reign in our towns and cities. One thing is for certain, this pair will have had zero understanding as to their probable trailer trash, single abandoned mother, futures, had they lived. 

As for the tiniest awareness that their lives might be blighted and their financial deprivation exacerbated by such things as the climate tax burdens or the political, corporate, Common Purpose agenda of world governance, no chance. There again I refer to my belief that this is all a desired requirement of those who would rule and that since the 1960s, if not planned, has proven a good laboratory on subjugation by stealth.
The UK has proven a blueprint for the future dominance of the few. 

I'm sad to say, I support the people in Quimper's preparedness to strike back. I just wish we could see more such demonstrations against those who stick stubbornly to a flawed but convenient peg for the likes of The EUSSR and Obummer to hang their egotistical selfishness on. Whilst we witness, an ever, a rapidly growing  UK underclass, we cannot hope for salvation from within the, once less easily duped, British citizenry. There may not, yet, be military conflict in Europe over these matters but give it time.

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