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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Don't Let The BBC Get Away With It.

Sadly, They Probably Will.

I found this particularly depressing. It would seem that if a "hero" of one's consideration is arrested that is cause for selective targeting of abusers rather than a broad condemnation of any single individual or organisation. Gambaccini, by his own admission, chose not to expose Savile's creepy and ghastly abuse of children. Make of that what you will. Others have condemned the managers and BBC corporate heads in charge. 

As this historical collusion for the entrapment of innocents grew to a casual activity tolerated by all and sundry, those guilty of allowing those involved to ply their despicable "hobby " are readily able to continue to keep many secrets under wraps. For John Ward to imply that of all those coming forward now to relate the horrors experienced are "gold diggers" is a dreadful stance to take. A stance then employed to argue only politicians, especially Tory, are somehow more guilty than those in the BBC is a hard argument to accept.

Paedophiles are gregarious for some reason best known to themselves. Abuse, notably the Asian grooming gangs, seems to be something these hateful and cretinous creatures relish. Thus I feel confident that Savile and the many "aides" employed by the creep, frequently met and gathered in places their political like minded scum chose to indulge their own nastiness against children.

We, as a Nation, appear infected by the prevalence of our home grown clutches of pederasts as well as those we have happily imported. If but one centre of this control freakery cabal of freaks can be brought to book, one guilty of biased thinking in many areas, then I for one would welcome it. Not least if the arrogant smugness of them all was used to expose their counterparts throughout Whitehall, Westminster and anywhere else these people, these inadequates, favour.


  1. OR

    Having read your blog for what seems like years, I feel you have fallen for the tripe haded out on this issue by the legacy media.

    There have been a lot of really awfull cases recently, that need to be investigated and brought to court, but here I don't agree with you. Read Anna Racoon and various other blogs that actually investigate this issue, you will see the usual MSM/PC hype in all its glory.

    But dispite that keep up the good work.


  2. DB, thank you for your input. Here are but two links of many that sidestep the less accurate and more lurid, sloppy media efforts.