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Friday, 1 November 2013

BBC Ponders Name Change.

Paedo Broadcasting Cabal.

What is it about DJs that has always made my blood run cold? Their false bonhomie or their only claim to fame plagiarising other peoples' talent and nurturing decades of favoured status within the BBC. All that  hacks me off. Not as much, though, as an organisation proud to be at the forefront of child abuse at virtually any horrific level you can imagine. 

Naturally this corporate behemoth funded at our expense remains unfazed by the scandals whirring about its head. Why should they be concerned. There can be little doubt this organisation wields its predilections at the very pinnacle of the organisation. There is, after all a terrible link between control freakery and child abuse freaks. Thus their ability to climb to eminence in many organisations. From the Churches, Mosques and discos to the depths of Whitehall and Westminster.

Whatever the grip on power those behind the scenes have, little effort seems to be going into retribution and or exposure of the top echelons of these perverts and their citadels. Just as Labour placed legions of their own activists into every corner of public service life, those who would rape and destroy young children's' lives have placed their own foot soldiers of depravity in every corner of the land. No doubt to include senior police officers.

How else can we be able to understand the endemic and widespread failure, over so many years, to bring anybody to book? For all the furore over phone hacking it would appear none of that activity stumbled on the core of substantial dimensions surrounding child abuse.

I will close with this thought. Is Pudsey bear the suspect arrested? Or will he continue to provide a fertile platform for the PBC to further its seemingly acceptable and untouchable agenda? "Children in Need" might well be a poor attempt, by those in the know but not directly complicit, other than by their inaction, to assuage their guilty silence. I hope that's the case and not yet another sick joke by the people who are still getting away with horrendous behaviour, regardless of the odd sacrificial lamb being offered up as diversionary tactics.

 I find him a creepy and not at all an attractive individual. Perhaps that's why I never ever dream of listening to, what is for me, ridiculous and somewhat childish radio broadcasting. Nevertheless it appears despite the latest information, "The show must go on!".

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