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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Age Of Consent.

It Should Be Higher Not Lower.

The call today for lowering the age of consent is but a mask to hide other issues surrounding this thorny subject. In the USA that age varies State by State but none below 16 and many 17 or 18. Since, in both Countries, the education system is creaking badly and we are churning out teenagers obsessed with celebrity culture and endless, mindless consumerism is lowering the age of consent such a good idea?

Both objects of immature tunnel vision use sexual imagery to market both celebrities and consumerism. Both often going hand in hand. To this end youngsters are devoid of any maturity to cope with the dangers of  STDs, drug temptation,  unwanted pregnancies and the emotional turmoil connected to relationships. Body image, depression and even suicidal consequences all fail to impede the activity of many ill equipped children in today's feckless environment.

Notwithstanding the arguments touched upon above there is but a further, more sinister implication to be considered. The thin end of the wedge receiving significant prominence adding to this debate. What is not spoken of are the cultural discrepancies. One might even say clashes, which are now seeing Asian grooming gangs roaming the streets of their adopted countries in racist pursuit of often underage, vulnerable girls.

Islamic misogyny is allowed to be above the strident demands of the endemic equality Harperson screeches, in the UK, at least. Plus the horrific genital mutilation practices designed to destroy any likelihood of young ethnic girls' following any course of sexual experience not dictated by those presiding over such cultural barbarism. That is to say frequent, illegal, forced marriages often involving under age girls.

The call for reducing the age to 13 has long been regarded as a freedom charter for paedophile minded, creepy adults like Savile and Hall. Given the prevalence in high places and the present furore over the BBC's centre of "excellence" for such people, let alone Whitehall and Westminster, we can begin to identify other elements surrounding this matter, which are somewhat more unsavoury. 

The argument that puberty, or even younger, proffers the intelligence to behave cautiously and sensibly is a ridiculous notion. Just as suggesting children enter professional careers such as medicine or airline flight deck occupancy, at a tender, unworldly and inexperienced age. That they might be physically capable does not mean it's a good idea. If ever there was a leave well alone reason for doing so, I suggest this issue is possibly top of any list of "not to dos"!

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