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Thursday, 21 November 2013

2013 UK Politics.

Which Of Them Remains The Worst Of All Three?

I am not alone in my understanding of our pretty useless EUSSR forelock tuggers in Westminster and Whitehall. The inimitable Raedwald endorses Oborne, as do I. There is also this important debate held in abject silence but which shames them all.

In a similar manner I wish, today, to draw attention to Milibad Minor and the Paedo Centre BBC cretins joint efforts. In this blazoned  home page Labour are given a free run at perpetuating their ghastly attempts to divert attention from their myriad own failings. The stench of their hypocrisy, honed over 13 years of destructive, deceitful and atrocious corruption, not least over their genocidal, Burnham guilt of NHS failing, is stridently shouted by their cheerleaders at the BBC. They do have, the BBC, a passionate agenda for not only employing hundreds of "Flower" like arrangers but of hiding their real activity from those less admiring.

Goofy dad of Gromit, our less than endearing Wallace, (more Wally than Wallace) and his grotesque attack dog, Balls, join more than willing forces to endeavour to shift the drug taking, charity fund thieving, rent boy abusing, bank fraudster and donor to the Liebor party, Methsodist (you need to do a rebus exercise there folks) Minister  for young boys access, Flowers.

Says, our Goofy snorter pillock, that Flowers is a creature of regulatory birth. My posterior. Did Flowers get a post he was useless and inadequately equipped for in order to bung all and sundry millions? All except that pillar of probity and integrity that is, in his, Wallace's mind at least, the Liebor Party? The same bunch of toe curling and rotten to the core Unite puppets, knee deep in vote rigging and corruption, on a par with the Stevedore barons of America in the 1930s.

The excellent Mr Oborne puts it far more succinctly but all of us must agree on this. As awful, greedy and pathetic the rump of what today passes for our Government EUSSR serfs in Westminster, Milibad's Labour Party are supreme in the depth of their evil and nastiness. We saw it evolve in the hands of an unscrupulous attention seeker, Bliar and then stamped even more indelibly in our lives by a mad man and borderline psychotic nose picker, Gordon The Terrible In All He Does and Did.  

I agree with a plague on all their houses but would have it strike first and hardest on those tolerant of the likes of Balls, Mrs Dromey and her Jacqui Smith spousal similarities. Burnham the Genocidal NHS Freak show, Mandleson the kiddyfiddler supremo of Dunblane affiliation. Virtually all of those swimming in the swirling vat of excrement the Labour Party enjoys whenever it's bathing preferences are unseen. 

When a light shines on their swimming pool of putrefaction, by the likes of Flowers, as he dived in and made a splash of cash, not that many of us are surprised at the mess deposited around the pool edge. These wallowing bathers in filth look to deflect the illumination by throwing more solid matter floating around them. Still that's not enough to make stick elsewhere, as hard as that glued to the bathers themselves! Tell you what, an enquiry into Flowers and his bungs to Liebor bear more efficacy than any into Lord Ashcroft, bayed for by our erstwhile swimmers in sewers a relatively short while past.

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