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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Where Leftard Futures Always End.

With Nastiness And Ugly Bullying.

Of the two faces pictured one might be running Downing Street and our Nation ere long. The other looks like Wallace, without Gromit. Either way it must be remembered that if it it looks like, talks like and acts like a bully.........I doubt our millionaire socialist, ED, has the cojones to stand up to his paymaster, other than with a smokescreen of bluff and pretence.

Vote rigging is almost a solid weapon of nastiness in Labours' armoury of bullying and subterfuge. So Milibad's reluctance to condemn Unite's and McCluskey's virtual criminality is not something he really favours. Not least the funding he receives from that nefarious source. In a similar way that some pensioners have been shafted by Labour's bank also remains a matter of quiet burial.

Nevertheless my post is inspired today by the revelations this morning of the nature of that bruiser on the left's tactical rules of engagement booklets. Do not forget this is how we would be governed, were Labour to get back into power in 2015. Not at all pleasant but purely reflects the fact that this is how bullies and socialists evolve, every few decades or so.

That these people happen to be big fans of the EUSSR only adds to the probable way our future lies as these people, by fair means or foul, now always the latter, operate. Not that I have much faith in the other main parties. I can barely discern an old fag paper gap between the LibDums and Labour. Plus Camoron's brand of Conservatism is far too pink for my liking.

Still, at least the kind of bullying the Public School lot go in for remains part of their infantile and adolescent years. On the left the nastiness, bullying and hectoring is buried deep in the chips on their shoulders and the frustration of their poor intellects. So, as ever, any choice at the ballot box, what little really is left, boils down to choosing those likely to do the least damage. Not that edifying, is it?

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