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Friday, 25 October 2013

When Unions Screw Up.

No Difference As To Who Suffers Most.

The alacrity with which the Left chant their chip on the shoulder bile against all who do not follow their dogma and stupidity is akin to those who demand others follow their beliefs and mythical cultural nonsense in other areas of human existence. Regardless of whence the disruption and interference comes it's always the weak and least intelligent who suffer most.

Thus when we welcome the rare surrender to common sense and the less welcome but factual reality and power of global workforce availability, it bodes all of us to consider how those, with some semblance of power and protected, luxury, life styles, pensions and salaries, so often create the same victims for their blind stubborn predictability.

By this I mean, in the instance of Grangemouth, many hundreds, even thousands of workers faced not only weeks of wages lost to UNITE's intransigence and atrocious poker playing skills, they also stared long term unemployment in the face. These same working class victims have been every bit as shafted by McCluskey's delusional leadership as they have by any boss or politician. Given that McCluskey is cut from the same cloth as Milibad Minor, it should follow that they ought consider more who pays their wages and deny support to those culpable in keeping them downtrodden.

Sadly, the sink estate, immigrant ghettos, those workers betrayed in the pits and the car industries of the past, not to mention the loss of a once mighty ship building industry, have never been allowed to consider those histories if they were not anything but rewritten songs to the glory of the Red Flag nightmare they vote for. Such is how labours' education policies have been manipulated for political ends. Socialism, never wrong and never successful!


  1. Grangemouth is 8% of Scotland's economy and I remember looking out of my window over the water to see it, and, at times it was impressive and really nice to look at. As a loss making proposition why would any union give a company an excuse to close the place down. Are these people from the same species as the rest of us?

  2. Scotland is a socialist state. All Scottish politicians are socialist in reality and are firm believers in state support and control of everything. They would if given the chance nationalise the means of production and exchange today. The SNP are identical to the labour party in almost every area.The heavily conditioned Scotsman and woman is a labour supporting zombie.

  3. And Unite will announce this as a victory, claiming to have "saved jobs": their brainwashed members won't recall - or care to recall - that it was that very same Unite which jeopardised their jobs in the first place.