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Friday, 18 October 2013

What Goes Around

Even In Germany.

It is almost refreshing to see disturbances elsewhere in Europe as the slow but inevitable truth of the EUSSR Fourth Reich becomes public knowledge. It would appear that this "truth" is a Continent wide determination to force races and cultures together, at the expense of centuries old established heritage.

That heritage provides a civilised structure deemed perfect to hand to those migrants fleeing, economically, their own third world lack of development. In this nomadic inspired activity decades have and continue to teach us there is but one outcome. The warring factions throughout Africa and the world have a lawless greed imposed via weaponry and terror throughout those countries dominated by war lords and gangsters, aided and abetted by unscrupulous idiots in the West.

Just consider the 9/11 and recent Nairobi attacks. Regardless of this Islamic inspired hatred of the West it still seems millions of mostly young and feckless males still consider their erstwhile enemies worthy of living amongst. Indeed even more delightful is the way western political pygmies are more than happy to provide positive discrimination and a blind eye to the predominately unsavoury elements imported with this immigration.

How rare it is to see or hear the bleeding heart deluded lefties showing any serious concern when confronted by white, vulnerable child abuse or the trafficking of young, duped women for the sex trade. How quickly the terrible death of Gunner Rigby was quietly consigned to history and the perpetrators given deference in Court. Even worse is this report on the Somalian, pseudo Norwegian, Dhuhulow, quickly referred to in hushed tones as Mister Dhuhulow. Follow the report video to the end and note the gentle treatment of this man's ignorant nastiness and aggrieved violence. As ever no consideration as to his pure, unadulterated and ignorant, uncivilised thuggery. Identical to that substance crazed moron in London.

At least the events in Hamburg show us that it's not only we Brits being subsumed by treacherous EUSSR policies, headed by a political class devoid of any loyalty but to their own deluded social engineering, on a global scale and nepotistic obsession with creating future dynasties.

As ever the scale of their plans is ignored as they never realise the overwhelming odds against them if ever this manoeuvring of national identities, to suit nefarious corporate and political ambitions, kicks off. Since the eventual outcome will be mass unrest at so many levels of resentment, race and cultural differences, will the future sons and daughters of these new global "royal" families be as safe as they expect? Perhaps we should have a look at the French and Russian comparisons, from a not so distant past!


  1. What worries me most about this is that there are so many innocents (of all races) are going to be embroiled in the bloodbath when it does kick off. Let us just hope that the architects of our demise are also the main victims.

    To make it worse, I have the horrible, horrible feeling that the explosion is not too far away.

  2. So the troubles aren't all ours then.