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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Stubborn Obummer.

Can You Imagine?

His reception in the media, were he a white, conservative President, would be of enormous nastiness and vile comment. His nurturing of Islamic causes and cultures would be recognised for its bias. His abysmal foreign policy record and hopeless ineptitude as his "friends" murdered an American Ambassador. Add to that his total disinterest, as Osama was taken out, you have to marvel at the manner this President is untouchable.

It would appear that the American voters are as Ostrich like as our very own moronic socialists. People who never look around decades of slum living and zero improvement, never once questioning why their beloved millionaire, champagne socialists are swanning around the luxury resorts of the World, coining top jobs and passing down nepotistic inheritances. Behaviour vilified for those other than their own hypocritical existences. 

Note the manner Obama holds Hilary Clinton close, fully aware she is no lover of his ability but more dangerous to him if offended. Let's not even mention that bewigged, cosmetic Vice President. A patsy if ever there was one. A man totally incapable of realising he's little more than a front man for Obama when necessary.

However all this criticism is of nought as our dubious citizen struts his stuff and plays macho with America's and the West's economic fragility. The Russians and Chinese must be unable to believe their luck as this guy makes gross errors in all he bothers to consider yet not a soul queries his inordinate incompetence and fragile intellect. 

He's another Gordon Brown but with more acceptable credentials in the manner of presentation and personal habits. Nevertheless he's even more dangerous than that UK offering of a psycho, to lecture the rest of us. If America is determined to pursue the ever growing stampede to an Islamic Socialist State, rapidly followed in that endeavour by the EUSSR, there seems little hope for any golden dawn, any time soon. Strange our only hope should lie with Russia and China who already understand the nature those ideological fools do not.

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