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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Streets Ahead.

As Our Lot Frack Around Stupidly.

If only we had leaders instead of appeasers of the EUSSR brain dead, interfering, covetous monsters such as that Portuguese Prescott clone. As New York and The USA enters a new age of cheap energy, we stumble under the grinding heel of greenies and progress haters beloved of the EU hierarchy. 

Camoron plays his con trick PR role of pretence at being the unloved reformer of the EUSSR's less than benign influence but we all can see his impotence and weak shilly shallying for what it is. Not that Clegg The Smug, or Milibad, are any better at pursuing the UK''s energy needs. That is unless they can find a cosy and lucrative sinecure to do so.

There should be little doubt that we are daily more and more ill served, wealth reduced and our future terribly compromised by these erstwhile members of the Fourth Reich. A cabal led by Germany, happily investing in their substantial coal reserves,  forge ahead unchecked, whilst we languish and sit on our hands, where such technologies are concerned. Or tilt at useless windmills!

We have signed up with much con trick PR spin to a somewhat dubious and insecure Nuclear deal with the French and Chinese, whilst happily dragging our heels with regard to fracking for gas and opening our own coal reserves, as the Germans are doing theirs. I cannot think why this is so except that it is some hidden  EUSSR/Bilderberger agenda to control the British and reduce any chance of our becoming a global powerhouse, without the need of kow towing to the EUSSR. That or The Unions are feared if we open up new industries.

Ironically, fresh from his tactical outmanoeuvring of Unite, Jim Ratcliffe states his intention to revive the plan to import cheap American shale gas. Now this is the sort of guy we could do with to replace all the career political clowns in Westminster. Strikes me as a Christiano Ronaldo of the business world. So much more refreshing than the spoilt, cosseted public school school educated, inherited wealth of the boys and girls in Westminster. That's just the Labour Party. I would quite like to see the Labour Party renamed the Socialist Hypocritical Let Others Labour Party! Barring that, this article sent to every Labour voter in the land!

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  1. It always seems more about control, of people as well as wealth.

    This country achieved great engineering heights in the recent past - now we are on our knees and not being able to do anything without outside help.

    It can only mean that a group of thugs want their 20% and they are keeping us on our knees to ensure their take.

    Keep poking 'em in the eye OR - hope you're OK.

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  3. Demetrius, it was not I who removed your commeny.