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Friday, 11 October 2013

Propaganda By Omission.

The EUSSR Methodology.

The EU propaganda machine costs hundreds of millions of our money per annum to feed us with their pigswill, garbage mantras. Yet often their work is inversely proportional to any reality they might consider publicising. 

Things such as accounts remaining unsigned over decades of missing billions, the corruption at its very core let alone endless mistakes and failed initiatives. Not least the passionate obsession with eradicating God's own given energy reserves in exchange for puny, centuries long abandoned, windmills. There was a good reason for why millers chose a different energy motion, when it became available.

Yet these legions of atrocious and life sapping regulations, none of us need, which are useless in many parts of Europe and incapable of satisfying demand for energy, fuelled by mass immigration and migration, continue apace. No arguments or action done to save their bureaucrats surfeit of demand for precious resources. This ghastly expense carries on whilst the elderly, sick and vulnerable are forced to cut savagely their heating use, to cover the wretched nastiness of EUSSR green energy legislation. Stuff our Milibad fully signed up to when in Office and now conveniently ignores.

Is this any wonder then? As the socialists happily ignore Hitler's rise to power, so they quietly ignore such movement in their very midst. That violence will not be far behind the inevitable clashes of the leftist morons in dismay at the fact many millions don't agree with them, never gets a mention. Such publicity is not permitted and the hand wringing over Snowden and security leaks masks the fear of justifiable uprising far more significant than their self imported terrorist status.

It is a well known fact that the EUSSR regards any negative observations as close to treasonable. The early signs of a future draconian regime. One already operating stealth security forces answerable to no one. Certainly no publicity will be found when those troops are mobilised nor is their existence deemed worthy of any publicity. One thing is for sure, however. As the "right", that is to say anybody not enamoured of left wing crap, dogma and failed ideology, gains any identifiable strength these troops will be used to quell any anger.

If you consider such thinking nonsensical, research their influence in Greece and Spain, to name but two recent mobilisations carefully hidden from view by the EUSSR propaganda by omission. Of course the rise of Le Pen's popularity will be massively debated by the BBC and Newsnight and make my rant totally negated, don't you think? 

Just as our departure from Afghanistan, like Iraq, will get the positive spin, ad nauseum. Just as The Boy Dave's sheepish silence over the Libyan mess he helped create. We need more whistle blowing methinks, not less!

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  1. As perceptive as ever OR. Nice to have you back undiminished.